Wood apple: The best fruit for immune booster

The famous bael ka sharbat with wood apple

Like its name, neither wood apple is wooden nor resembles the shape and texture of an apple, but then too, it has the title. That’s why to remember this fruit, don’t get confused with the name; remember your favorite Bael.

In India, we consume wood apple in the form of sharbat, popularly known as bael ka sharbat. It acts as a nice refreshing drink, which also helps in strengthing our immune system in the hot days.

A short description of wood apple (Bael)

Wooden apple has a nice fibrous pulp, which is generally in the shade of orangish-yellow. Later, when it’s fully riped, then the smell gets more intensified, and the pulp changes to brown color. Moreover, it has a delicate sweet flavor that goes right with the drink. I guess it is known as the wooden apple because of its hard to break cover.

Additional information: For some people, the smell of wood apple is the disgusting thing that he has ever smelled.


The covering forms a lovely green and yellow colored shell-like structure. Eventually, for breaking it, you have to tap the fruit on the floor. After that, only it gets cracked, and gently the pulp could be scooped out with a spoon’s help. Later, you can use it in the way you want, but for sure, try that drink as it will influence your whole day.

Health benefits of wood apple

1) Helps in improving the metabolism

Metabolism plays a crucial role in carrying the body’s overall functioning and depending on it, the results are visible on your body. The ones who have good metabolism are generally thinner, whereas those who have ok metabolism are fatter.


That’s why if you one among them and want to work upon your body, then have a wood apple. As it is the best fruit for immune booster and also provides instant energy for the tiring day.

2) Acts as a healthy protein supplement

Protein is required for the build-up of bones while it goes with the nails and hairs hand in hand. That’s why it’s essential to consume a diet with a high amount of protein indulged in it.

Eventually, if you are working on your body, then this protein will take the place of unhealthy fat. Therefore, you can add wood apple as the post-workout meal as its nutritious and will provide you with a boost.

3) Reduce the rate of flatulence

Do you want to stop your habit of farting everywhere? Or are you searching for the methods which could effectively decrease the rate of your fart? Then try this immune-boosting bel ka sharbat now!!


According to the studies, it’s known that wood apple is known for decreasing the level of flatulence. Therefore, if you will start consuming it, then your stomach will also be healthy. At the same time, you will go through less awkward moments.

Nutritional benefits:

Protein1.8 gFibre2.9 gPotassium600 mgCalcium85mgCarbohydrate31.8g

Therefore, these were some health benefits that prove that a wooden apple is an immune booster fruit. So hurry up and go grab a fresh glass of drink to carry out your whole day.

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