Ways to increase your water intake for a healthy life
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Ways to increase your water intake for a healthy life

Why should we drink more water?

Water is one of the most basic things in improving health. But most of us have trouble drinking water. We are either bored or forget to drink enough water. It can be difficult at times but it is important to stay hydrated. In this blog “Ways to increase your water intake for a healthy life,” we will know the effective tips and tricks to increase water consumption.

Water regulates our body temperature. It helps in maximizing physical performance.

Drinking more water helps in solving 99% of body issues.

Water helps in the bright skin and anti-aging. The list goes on and on…

Many of us have doubts about whether to drink hard water or soft water. Hard water contains a higher amount of Calcium and minerals. Whereas, soft water has lesser amounts of Calcium and minerals. There are no specific side effects.

How much water should we drink in a day?

Our body consists of 60% water and even a 1% loss of water or dehydration messes with our brain functioning.

Therefore, it is important to keep yourselves hydrated.

You must drink 2.5 – 3 liters a day. A study tells that people who drink enough water are always active and less prone to heart diseases and cancers. (Women- 2.5 liters, Men-3 liters)

Do not overdo it. Over-hydration can also cause kidney problems. Therefore depending on the climate, age, sex you need to consume water.

Tips to increase water intake and stay hydrated

Ways to increase your water intake for a healthy life
Ways to increase your water intake for a healthy life

Always carry a water bottle wherever you go (You can also buy a water bottle)

Reduce caffeinated drinks and replace them with decaffeinated drinks.

A cup of green tea or (any non-milk tea) can help in staying hydrated.

Set reminders to drink water. There are many apps to track your water intake.

Try drinking water half an hour before your meals to balance the carbs.

Try sugar-free flavored water for a change when you are bored.

Drink enough water before exercise or workout.

Check your skin condition. The poor condition of your skin mostly results because of improper intake of water.

Stay hydrated, eat healthily, and wait for the wonders your body does. 

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