Ways to consume Indian water chestnut
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Ways to consume Indian water chestnut

Benefits of consuming Indian water chestnut

Indian water chestnut, also known as singhara, is among the less calorie fruit or vegetables a person can consume with love. Eventually, it is grown in a lake full of algae as it’s the right situation for it to grow correctly. Ultimately, its high with nutrition and other elements, which are undoubtedly the actual need for our body. Moreover, it could be efficiently utilized by the people who are on a diet as it has the power to make them full in a very less amount.

Today we will see how you could eat these freshly grown water chestnuts. If you haven’t heard about them before, it will help you develop an understanding of them. So without talking further, lets directly dive into some of the ways that could make you fall in love with it.

1) Eating the raw Indian water chestnut

Ways to consume Indian water chestnut

The water chestnuts could be effortlessly eaten raw with ant type of salt or alone also. Howver, you need to keep in mind to wash them properly before you are eating it. As there are high chances of microbes’ presence as it’s grown in contaminated algae water or marshy land. Moreover, this is one of the purest forms of chestnut that you can enjoy. When eaten raw, it has a sweet, crunchy flavor that could undoubtedly influence you to have more of them.

2) Eating the boiled Indian water chestnut

As we have mentioned earlier that it’s grown in a contaminated area, that’s why many people tend to consume it after boiling. Boiling helps in ensuring the removal of any unhealthy microbes that are present on its body. Also, it changes its texture and taste to somewhat mushy (less than a boiled potato). So you can enjoy it with coriander chatni or simply have it with the salt of your choice.

3) Eating them after a deep-fry

As its texture is somewhat like potato, so many people tend to deep-fry as it develops a crunchy texture quickly. However, here we advise you to first boil them and then only fry them. Else you can directly cook it also, but before that, wash it with saltwater. This crunchy dish is eaten in most parts of India and can be enjoyed with chatni or a mixture of various salts.

4) Indian water chestnut with gravy

Don’t get shocked after hearing that, most people use them to prepare the gravy by blending it with natural spices. It’s amongst one of the most loved and delicious cuisines as chestnut could readily absorb the spices. Eventually, the meal could be served with puri, chapati, paratha, or any bread you want.

Ways to consume Indian water chestnut

Singhade ka atta is a type of flour used during the fast by the Indian females for preparing various dishes. Ultimately, it acts as a multipurpose flour, and thus you could make puri, halwa, Tikki, bhajiya, and many more recipes out of it. Eventually, its flour helps in providing a crunchy texture to the dish, and we could say that it plays a role in the form of cornflour.

Nutritional benefits:


These were some significant ways of cooking with Indian water chestnuts, and thus many other dishes could be made out of it. If you want to read more about such dishes, then definitely scroll through our site Agrovatika.com or have a quick look upon our Facebook page.

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