How to store the coriander seeds
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Want to store and know about the coriander seeds?

Do you want to store and know about the coriander seeds? Then you must know these facts!

Many of us (basically not us and our parents) store the seeds of coriander so that they can utilize it. The reason behind this is that coriander seeds are comparatively cheap, and also they offer us an assurance of purity. Eventually, we consume coriander powder regularly, and also used in more amount than other powdered spices. That’s why it’s very essential to follow up on the sentences as mentioned earlier if you want to save your health to some extent. 

Howver, storing it could be a risky and tricky task as if you commit inevitable mistakes, you could quickly lose the whole spice that you have purchased from the market. To help you in this today, we will be telling you how to store the spice properly for a long-term purpose. 

1) Storing coriander seeds in the powdered form 

Health Benefits Of Coriander Seeds
  • The powdered form is not meant for a long term purpose as there are many disadvantages to it. Eventually, you lose the pure coriander powder’s aroma, which generally comes when it’s fresh. Therefore, this is only applicable when storing it for the short term, and you are planning it to use in the coming days. 
  • Another is that make sure to save the ground or powdered form in an airtight container. This would help you store in the pure aroma which comes from the oils present in the seeds. But this is only for a short interval of time due to the first reason. 
  • Always keep it in the fridge as there are many benefits to it. Lower temperature offers the less evaporation of the essential oil. At the same time, it also ensures the decline of the rate of contamination as bacterial growth is affected in a cold environment. 

2) Storing coriander seeds in the whole form 

While purchasing and storing them there are specific points which should be taken care of: 

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  • Always squeeze them first so that it could get crushed in between your thumb and index finger. After this, go close and feel the peppery aroma if it’s according to your wants then only purchase ut. 
  • Avoid the purchasing of powdered form of the spice as it has various chemicals mixed with it. The time has improved a lot, and along with that, we have the knowledge of certain adulterated products that are hard to be identified. That’s why the whole form is the best for a long time purpose. 
  • While storing the seeds, you don’t have to put in much effort. Eventually, if you want, you can save it outside but then don’t forget the airtight containers. 
  • Always store them in a dark place with a bit of cooler environment as it helps retain the oils present in the seeds. 

Nutritional benefits: 


So I guess that this much knowledge is well sufficient for you to enhance your skill for storing it.  

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