Medicinal facts about curry leaves
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Medicinal facts about curry leaves

These interesting medicinal facts about curry leaves would surely amaze you! From sambhar to kadhi, curry leaves, or traditionally known as kadhi patta has made a place in our kitchen!! 

Curry leaves were traditionally used in southern India first to provide an aromatic flavor to the food. But then due to its qualities, these levels traveled through many Asian countries and mainly India. Eventually, these leaves are used in many dishes to enhance their taste to another level. Howver many essential factors are also hidden in these leaves. 

You all must have known this leaf for its aroma and flavors only, but many other significant benefits are hidden inside these leaves. Today, we will be exploring more about this tiny leaf. Also, we will know about what other unknown facts it protects within it. 

1) Curry leaves have an antibacterial scent 

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are rich with certain chemicals that can eliminate the harmful microbes present in the environment. The people often love this aromatic scent; that’s why they use to plant the tree in their houses. Also, this becomes the reason why they use it in their food too. 

2) Curry leaves can prevents cancer and other bacterial diseases 

Curry leaves are known for their properties, such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, cancer preventive and aromatic, etc. This is because of the presence of some essential chemicals in the leaves. Eventually, they help to regulate all these things in our bodies. Moreover, if a person is suffering from any of such, then it can treat him also 

3) Positive effects on the eyes 

In today’s time mostly the people use to spend their maximum time in watching the screens of tv, computer, mobile phones, etc. This becomes the primary reason for weakening the eyesight. Ultimately, to the extent that a person could also have permanent damage.

In that case, its usually advised having foods with the vital source of vitamin A. So that’s why you could include these leaves in your diet as they are rich with this vitamin. 

4) The richness in the healing power

uses of curry leaves

In ancient times, the saints use to use such kind of herbal pastes only for treating the wounds and other cuts. Eventually, at that time, this leaf was also used to form the paste during such conditions. But as time evolved, people forgot about the true potential of Ayurveda. Eventually, they started to admire allopathy and used it for almost every purpose. However, it has a faster action, but its not the herbal alternative for doing the treatment.  

Nutritional benefits:


Therefore, I hope that you must have enjoyed knowing these facts about the curry leaves.  

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