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The three types of black salt used worldwide

A quick introduction for the salts

Till now we have been using I guess 4 types of black salt in our lives for the whole year (here I am talking about a typical Indian family and if you have used more then kudos!) mainly: 

  1. Black salt ( Kala namak) 
  2. Regular salt (table salt) 
  3. Rock salt (sendha namak) 
  4. Himalayan pink salt (sea salt) 

However, today I am going to add three more names to this list of commonly added salts to know about them. And if in future want to use them then could no about them properly without any further doubts. 

1) Black lava salt 

Like its name itself, this salt has a bright black color with a very smooth texture. Generally, its found in Hawaii and used in many Hawaiin dishes. The most magical thing is that, like its color, it provides the same taste to the recipe, I.e., this salt is used for giving the smokey flavor.

The three types of black salt used worldwide

That’s why it always added at the end of the meal for experiencing a more uplifting taste. Moreover, it could be a great addition to the recipes which are made for being smokey. As it would provide some extra smokiness to that dish. 

Additional fact: Do you know that before this salt was manufactured from the volcanic stones? However, in the present, it is obtained with the help of sea salt, and the black color is provided with charcoal support. 

2) Himalayan Black salt (the original black salt) 

This is the typical salt used for culinary purposes in many Asian countries, especially India. Moreover, you must be well aware of the taste that it provides to the dish; however, those who don’t know then it provides a sour and tangy flavor.

The three types of black salt used worldwide

Eventually, it’s the perfect salt for being combined with many meals, especially the sweet dishes and fruits. As it improves and elevates the taste and aroma to another level. 

3) Black ritual salt  

Like its name, it is connected with the spiritual activities that are native to people from where the salt is extracted. It’s known that this black salt can protect and safeguard a person from any negative vibes. That’s why people often recommend it keeping beneath their beds or sprinkle it in the yard.

The three types of black salt used worldwide

Howver, this salt is also consumed like common salts with many famous dishes. Moreover, this salt is made up of 4 different ingredients, mainly sea salt, black dye, charcoal, and ashes. 

Additional fact: Although this salt is referred to as witches salt, it doesn’t have any relation with the spirits or witches!! So don’t get terrified as it’s not harmful to your family and thus you can consume it like any other salt. 

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, these were the various types of black salts that are being used globally. If you want to explore more such facts, then directly visit our site Agrovatika.com. Else you can follow us back on our Facebook page as we have got many latest updates there also. 

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