The generous medicinal uses of Arnica

A short description of the wild arnica species

Arnica is a wild species of flower which eventually belongs to the family of sunflower, and thus it has also got a nice yellowish colour with its every petal. However, the orange colour can also be seen many times in the flower as according to the geographical location.

Eventually, the size of the flowers is small; that’s the reason why it’s much loved by the insects. Therefore, you can find many species of insects wandering around the flowers.

No certification for the benefits!

Interestingly, there are numbers of uses of this flower in medicinal ways, but still, nothing certified is being mentioned about it. Similarly, we don’t have any culinary uses also as nobody knows whether it will be suiting them or not. So now let’s see the benefits and if you find them useful then don’t forget to use it.

Additional advice: Whenever you are going to purchase any products related to the skin, then please do a patch taste on the hand first. Ultimately, you don’t know whether it will suit your skin or not.

You must be thinking that certified and most popularly used things can suit everyone but believe me you are thinking wrong. Even cosmetics and other such herbal uses can cause drastic effects on your skin.

1) Arnica is blended in cough syrups

Generally, the sour throat syrup which we consume has a small amount of arnica present it. Eventually, it helps in reducing the pain at the same time also helps a person in recovering from the cough.

2) Arnica as a pain reliever

The oils manufactured for treating pains caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis contains a small amount of Arnica present in it.

It helps in reducing the swelling and also reduces the inflammation suffered by the person.

3) Used while performing surgeries

I haven’t heard about this fact in the present time as the technology has developed to a greater extent. However, in ancient times Arnica was used in the form of paste and oil while performing the surgeries.

4) For treating the wounds

Many a time a person suffers from bruises whether by accidents or by any kind of small happenings. In that time, the wounds could be profound, so the ointment which is applied to it contains Arnica.

Again it helps in healing the wound deeply at the same time helps in relieving some amount of pain.

The disadvantage of using the Arnica:

As I have mentioned earlier, please do a patch test of this flower oil and also consume it in the controlled amount. Ultimately, the excessive usage of it can cause skin irritation and could result in other harmful effects too.

Nutritional benefits:


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Anushka Singh: