The culinary uses of kokum (Garcinia indica)

The actual Kokum is the outer covering!

Kokum is actually the outer covering of the original fruit used for hundreds of culinary purposes in India. Not only that, but this tree has also got its significance in the field of pharmaceutics and other industries commercially.

This spice’s perfect tangy taste is a healthy alternative for tamarind, amchur (dried mago powder), and lemon. Eventually, you can find much of its use in the 5 Indian states, mainly Goa, Maharashtra, Assam, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

What does kokum look like?

Kokum has a nice and rich deep red color, which could also be known as a rusty color. Eventually, it seems like the fruit’s peel as it is dried in the sun in the same way.

Additional tip: If you want to consume it, then soak it for some time in a small amount of time and then directly miss it with your gravy. This will dilute the taste of the spice equally without putting in much effort to blend it.

Uses of kokum in Indian recipes

1) It’s used for preparing the squash

This recipe or beverage is given rise with the fresh fruit’s help at the time of harvesting. Eventually, its preserved in a sugar solution, which is then blended and purified for giving rise to a lovely tangy squash.

This could be the best alternative for water in the summer days when you want to have some instant energy. Else, you can also have rasna, tang, or our favorite childhood friend rooh afza.

2) For preparing sol kadhi

Solkadhi is a typical dish of Marathi and Konkani, which is prepared using this spice. Like in northern India, we use to make kadhi with sour curd or buttermilk.

Similarly, they use kokum for providing a nice rich color and taste to the dish. Ultimately, it compliments the kadhi with the desirable tanginess and coconut milk, garlic, and coriander.

3) The kokum butter

With this, I will answer your question about how chocolates remain stable even in summers when even a person starts to melt. Interestingly, for that, kokum butter is used, which helps in keeping it reliable for a considerable period.

Ultimately, this butter is extracted with fresh fruit, which is then mixed with the chocolates in a generous amount for the same. Sometimes, it also helps in keeping the chocolate fresh for a more extended period.

4) Kokum is also used in cosmetics

The kokum butter is widely used in the cosmetics-related or ointments related to the skincare. Eventually, they help in the deep moisturization of the skin and help prevent the acne up to a specific period.

Moreover, you can also find it in the hair products as it helps in providing them with the desired luster and health.

Nutritional benefits:


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