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The 8 must-try recipes with wheat flour

A try on other recipes with wheat flour

From childhood, we have only eaten chapati, various paratha, poori, and gulgula out of wheat. But do you ever wondered that many other recipes could be tried out with the help of wheat flour?

1) You can make pizza base with wheat flour 

For years we have been eating dominoes, pizza hut and many other pizzas which are although very tasty but at the same time costly. Also, pizza contains refined flour, which is not suitable for our health, especially for the kids. Consequently, we searched for you, and now we have this healthy pizza base made up of wheat flour. Now you can try this budget intended pizza at your home whenever you want. 

2) Make dosa with wheat flour 

Tired of eating fermented dosa and waiting for MTR instant dosa in this lockdown, you must surely look into this easy dosa recipe made up of wheat.

wheat flour dosa

Eventually, it doesn’t require much effort like the typical dosa, and you can enjoy this simply whenever you want. This is the best way to save time and effort eventually when you are hungry and feeling lazy. 

3) Tasty chocolate cake with wheat 

Are you surprised after listening to this, I guess you are because this is next to impossible. But the various chefs present in today’s world have found the method through which you can prepare the cake. This wheat-based healthy chocolate cake is very soft and moist, like the refined flour cake. Also, it’s effortless to make and, at the same time, very yummy and beautiful. 

4) Delicious banana cake 

This cake is especially for vegan people who love to enjoy the cakes and muffins. We have got this anytime, preparing a natural and healthy recipe for tasty banana cake.

wheat banana cake

Again it’s very moist and delicious also it gives the same taste as you can imagine with another cake. Moreover, it has a very light and fluffy base at the same time filled with the nutrition of a banana. 

5) Bhatura with the help of wheat flour 

Beautiful ladies and men, its time for you to end your permanent fast from unhealthy food as we have this healthy bhatura recipe. Eventually, it’s deep-fried, but to some level, we have tried it to make fit as it’s the replacement for refined flour. You can now enjoy the parties along with Chola bhatura and won’t have to resist your taste buds with dieting. 

6) Make cute little pancakes 

Pancakes are the quick version of light and softly sweet, especially when we want to rejuvenate our mood from the stressful day. Eventually, this easy and healthy pancake recipe is a must-try for you as it would be somewhat nutritious for you.

wheat pancakes

If you want, you can add various fruits like cherries, strawberries, banana, mulberries,  blueberries, etc., as they are also suitable for health. 

7) Wheat flour for baked samosa 

This recipe is for the diet conscious people who want to have a healthy cheat meal this weekend. Eventually, you can try this healthy baked samosa recipe, which is easy to make with a better alternative. Ultimately, it could give high competition to the original samosas but can’t defeat them in the taste. 

8) Healthy non-fat momos 

Whether it be kids or adults, everyone loves momos, but we can’t deny that they are considered junk food and have a direct impact on your health. But with us, you don’t need to worry as we have a healthy alternative for you. You should try this smooth and non-greasy momo recipe and enjoy your weekend. Eventually, only the oil used for the base makes it greasy otherwise, it’s a non-greasy recipe. 

Nutritional benefits of wheat 

sodium2mgpotassium123mgmagnesium27.67mgzinc0.96mgvitamin B60.04mg

Therefore, these were some healthy recipes that you could try out with grain. If you like them, then visit as you can find similar exciting facts there. Also, have a look upon our Facebook page as we have got many updates waiting for you there. 

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