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The 5 worldwide uses of sorghum

A quick introduction of the multipurpose crop

Sorghum, also known as jwar in Hindi is one of the healthiest crops which has carried its way from the ancient era. Not only in India, but this crop is also famous worldwide. According to the scientists, its original origin belongs to Africa. When people were learning about surviving, they came to know about this plant. In modern times, it’s the most loved pseudo-cereal for poor people. Generally, it’s familiar with those who can’t afford their living.

Even you can find that majority of farmers use to grow this crop. Eventually, they won’t suffer from losses due to the unfortunate climatic conditions. Moreover, this plant has resistant genetic makeup which enables it to face the adverse climatic conditions. After knowing this, lets’ focus on how this crop has made its way to a global population.

1) Sorghum is used as pet feed

The world has changed, and this crop has reached from humans to the animal. Likewise, today many of the industries use this crop for preparing the pet food.

The 5 worldwide uses of sorghum

Ultimately, the number of nutrients present in it helps in maintaining animal health.

2) Manufacturing of antioxidants and waxes

Sorghum plays a significant role in the formation of waxes due to the presence of sticky substances. These adhesive properties make it suitable for this purpose naturally. Eventually, the antioxidants present in it are used mainly in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

3) Sorghum is used in the health industry

The health industry is a wide range, and thus it contains sectors like medicine, health care, organic etc.

The 5 worldwide uses of sorghum

Eventually, due to the presence of chemical compounds like tannins, phytosterols etc.. This single crop is used in for supplying the needs in so many industries.

4) Sorghum for the cure of diseases

Recent studies have found that sorghum plays a role in the cure of deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular etc. Therefore, a person who wants to keep himself fit should consume this grain regularly.

5) Sorghum for bioplastic films

Sorghum is good with the hydrophobicity, which makes it the best choice for the outer covering of the food items.

The 5 worldwide uses of sorghum

With the help of it, the industries protect the food items for an extended period. This could also be used to provide the wax coating on various food items like fruits, vegetables etc.

Nutritional benefits:

sodium6mgprotein11.3mgpotassium350mgdietary fibre6.3gcalcium28mg

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