culinary purposes of teff
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Teff: The smallest grain in the world

The grain was sown on the Ethopian lands…

Eventually, you must be thinking that if you have recognized these things about teff, then why are we here!! Don’t overthink because our today’s journey will begin with a new healthiest grain crop. Let us get started… 

Teff is the next grain, which is closely related to the variety of wheat after spelt. Eventually, it is sown on Ethiopia’s lands, and people there admire this grain because of its health benefits. Till now, there are two primary uses of this grain, mainly in cooking and baking. 

The amzing factor about teff?

But the most crucial factor which makes it so famous is its size. Can you imagine that Teff is 1/100th of the size of the wheat kernel? Such a small crop with 100’s of hidden properties benefitting the human population.

Teff: The smallest grain in the world

Also, this crop is gluten-free, just like other grains. Moreover, when considering the taste, you can find a sweet earthy and nutty flavour with every bite. 

E.g., Amarantharrowrootbuckwheatsorghum, kaniwafonio, etc 

How to utilize Teff for culinary purposes? 

As we already told you, it’s mainly used for cooking and baking, so we are going to look at these types of dishes only: 

1) Teff can be replaced with regular flour 

If you want, you can combine the Teff with your regular flour and use it as multi-grain flour. The second option is to directly use it as regular flour. Else, you can combine it with the mixture of other nutritious flour to make it multiple multi-grain flours. You can mix 5 different flour together and use it as a single one as it’s very nutritious comparatively. 

2) Use it for preparing the bread 

Another healthy alternative is to make dough out of this most healthy grain like we usually cook with the other flour.

Teff: The smallest grain in the world

The process will be the same only the flour will be relaced with this one to make; also, you can add flavours of spiciness or sweetness to elevate the taste. 

3) Prepare homemade pasta with Teff 

Want to show your MasterChef skills, then why not try preparing pasta with this healthiest grain. Eventually, it is already used in the place of wheat; similarly, you can also use it with refined flour. The texture and taste will be changed a bit, but the nutritional value will be enhanced with the replacement. 

4) Use Teff for making sweet dishes 

Sweet dishes are one of my favorites, and personally, when I get time, I use to explore various flours, which could be the healthy alternatives.

Teff: The smallest grain in the world

So I want you also to apply this regime in your routine to make it healthier for your family and kids. Consequently, you can use it for preparing pancakes, muffins, cakes, pastry, etc. 

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, these were some culinary uses of Teff, which you could use to impress your family and friends. If you like them the visit our website to explore more content like this. Also, don’t forget to look upon our Facebook page as we have all the recent updates there. 

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