Tarragon: One amongst the finest herb of France

France being famous for the herbs

We all know that France is famous for its earthy flavours and authentic spice mixtures. From fishes to desserts, they have achieved excellence in every category of food. That’s why people love to explore more such herbs which make french famous all around the world.

Eventually, there are many herbs which are used for enhancing the flavour of the recipes, but some are the finest ones without which you can’t get that flavour. One such herb in that authentic collection is tarragon and why it’s so let’s find that out.

A short description of tarragon

Tarragon belongs to the family of sunflower and is counted best with the herbs like chives, parsley and thyme. It has lovely green coloured long leaves which are thin and glossy in texture. Eventually, its an ancient herb and thus its use dates back to 500 BC where people utilized it for medicinal and cooking purposes.


There are mainly 3 main herbs from the same species which constitutes the flavours:

  • Russian
  • French
  • Mexican

Each of them has there own flavours, and thus they differ with the uses as the locality changes. However, this aromatic herb has some common facts which make it desirable for the people to use, so let us now know about them.

Benefits of using tarragon in your daily life:

Before knowing them today, I want to tell you one thing which is:

There are some herbs which differ with some qualities. That’s why it could suit some people and harm some other. Therefore, it’s essential to first know about them and then use them for fulfilling your needs.

Now, let’s know about some hidden properties of the tarragon which had made it famous globally!!

1) It has a very uplifting flavour

Earlier I have mentioned the three varieties of the herb and also told you that they differ in taste. Similarly, the French and Russian tarragon have a more strong earthy flavour as compared to the Mexican one.


That’s the reason why these two varieties are known popular rather than the third one. In fact, the original taste of this herb is somewhat like anise or liquorice so you can choose recipes accordingly.

2) Tarragon improves the health of our eyes

Providing right nutrition to the eyes is very necessary as in the present time we are overusing this sensory organ. In that case, you should give your best to include the food ingredients which are filled with essential nutrients like beta carotene and potassium.

Eventually, for finding them, you don’t have to go anywhere as you are at the best place. Include tarragon in your diet as it includes these two elements thus improving your eyes health.

3) Tarragon improves the bile secretion

The liver is one of the most essential organs of our body because it secretes bile juice and you must know that it’s necessary for the digestion of food.


That’s why it’s vital to keep it healthy if you want to be fit from inside out. Therefore, use this herb for doing this job as it could be the best at it, including some other herbs.

Nutritional benefits


Therefore, these were some health benefits of consuming the tarragon herb and if you want to explore some more content like this, then visit our website Agrovatika.com. Also, don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook as we have got some latest updates for you.

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