• rye
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    Rye: A multiusage crop for the humans

    Selfishness of human in developing resources Humans are so selfish that they are only concerned about developing the things which are of their use. Similarly, we have got so many hybrids out of the various crops to fulfil our needs. But some crops weren’t needed to be that modified. One such plant is rye which is a multiusage crop for the humans. But how and what are the properties of it which makes it so useful, let’s find them out.  About the rye crop:  Rye crop was amongst those plant species which were found out during early European civilization. Later it travelled to other western countries, and like this, it…

  • facts about einkorn
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    Einkorn wheat: The first grain to be cultivated on earth

    History of the einkorn grain We all know that our planet is diverse, and with time we have known about everything related to lifestyle. But did you know that einkorn was the first grain to be cultivated by humanity!. That’s entirely new for our generation as we are never told in such details about things. But you don’t have to bother about the food items as we are here to help you out with each. So let’s start our today’s journey and explore how it got its place among the list of food.  How einkorn came into existance?  If I am correct, then you must have guessed with the name…

  • triticale grain
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    Triticale: The hybrid of the rye and wheat

    What is triticale? You have already known by the heading that triticale is a hybrid which was given rise after keeping some significant concerns in our mind. Generally, we develop hybrids to look after some critical situation. Similarly, triticale was also created to help the people in need. Eventually, it helped in the wheat production on such lands where growing wheat and rye was impossible. Another factor is that it contains the richness of both the most essential food items. Thus, being healthy and at the same time providing the right nutrition to the people. The advantages and disadvantages of triticale: 1) Triticale for providing fodder We all are aware…

  • recipes with wheat
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    The 8 must-try recipes with wheat flour

    A try on other recipes with wheat flour From childhood, we have only eaten chapati, various paratha, poori, and gulgula out of wheat. But do you ever wondered that many other recipes could be tried out with the help of wheat flour? 1) You can make pizza base with wheat flour  For years we have been eating dominoes, pizza hut and many other pizzas which are although very tasty but at the same time costly. Also, pizza contains refined flour, which is not suitable for our health, especially for the kids. Consequently, we searched for you, and now we have this healthy pizza base made up of wheat flour. Now you…


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