• health benefits of oregano
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    Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

    A genius combination of oregano with pizza Generally, we recognise oregano And this is because we usually consume it with them and this habit is given to us by Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Some of them have got fond of it so much that they cant consume pizza without oregano. This wonder combination was a very genius thinking by a business-minded person. I guess I am deviating from my today’s topic and thus we shall focus on the oregano.  A short description of the oregano Oregano is a Mediterranean herb which has carried its part from last 1000 years, and people have generally used it as we utilise them today.…

  • recipes with wheat
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    The 8 must-try recipes with wheat flour

    A try on other recipes with wheat flour From childhood, we have only eaten chapati, various paratha, poori, and gulgula out of wheat. But do you ever wondered that many other recipes could be tried out with the help of wheat flour? 1) You can make pizza base with wheat flour  For years we have been eating dominoes, pizza hut and many other pizzas which are although very tasty but at the same time costly. Also, pizza contains refined flour, which is not suitable for our health, especially for the kids. Consequently, we searched for you, and now we have this healthy pizza base made up of wheat flour. Now you…


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