• Brown Sugar for weight loss and Immunity
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    Brown Sugar for weight loss and Immunity

    Nutrition Facts of Brown Sugar Brown sugar is the unrefined form of Sugar. It is considered healthy compared to white refined sugar. In this blog “Brown Sugar for weight loss and Immunity” we will know more about the benefits and facts of Brown Sugar. Glucose that is present in Sugar is important for the functioning of the body. Without glucose, our body can’t have the required stamina to do work. It is an instant mood lifter. Sugar can reduce depression and can give good vibes. Brown Sugar is great for Immunity because it contains molasses. It is also made of zero pesticides and antibiotics. It has a creamy flavor and…

  • Are Sugars really bad for your health
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    Are Sugars really bad for your health

    Facts you need to know about Sugars If you refer to any health article they state that Sugars are bad for your health. Sugar is the most avoided thing when it comes to diet. But is it good to remove Sugars permanently from your diet? Let’s know a few facts about Sugars. Sugars are of two types: Natural Sugars, Artificial Sugars. Natural Sugars are the sugars that are available naturally in fruits, Vegetables, and Milk. They are healthy and improves our Immunity. Artificial Sugars also known as Added Sugars are the unhealthy sugars that need to be avoided. Refined white sugar (sucrose), brown sugar, honey, and syrups that are added…

  • facts about sugarcane juice
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    Grab a glass of sugarcane juice for instant energy

    Sugarcane juice is the main source of jaggery From our childhood, we have been eating sugarcane either as juice or as a stem. Later, we get two-lifetime partners from it: sugar and jaggery, which is consumed by every second person. Well, you can’t ignore the fact that the byproduct of it i.e., jaggery, was one of the most consumed items before the manufacturing of sugar. Consequently, at the present time also you can find many old age people consuming jaggery or a fresh glass of sugarcane juice. A short description of the juicy stem I will not elaborate much about this stem as you must be well aware of it.…


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