• Immune boosting Recipes with Radish
    Immune Booster recipe,  Vegetables to boost immune

    Immune boosting Recipes with Radish

    Recipes with Radish Radish is the vegetable often used in making Curries, Soups, Sambar, etc. Not only these, but we can also make many tasty recipes with radish. In this blog., “Immune boosting Recipes with Radish” we will know more about how Radish is used to make delicious recipes without compromising health. sodium 39mg potassium 233mg phosphorus 20mg calcium 25mg Vitamin C 14.8mg Radish is known for its exotic nutrient properties. It is also known as a great immune booster. Here are few recipes made by Radish to relish. Creamy Cucumber Radish Salad Ingredients: cucumbers radishes green onions cottage cheese salt & pepper Preparation: Peel and half vegetables. Slice them…


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