• health benefits of tarragon
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    Tarragon: One amongst the finest herb of France

    France being famous for the herbs We all know that France is famous for its earthy flavours and authentic spice mixtures. From fishes to desserts, they have achieved excellence in every category of food. That’s why people love to explore more such herbs which make french famous all around the world. Eventually, there are many herbs which are used for enhancing the flavour of the recipes, but some are the finest ones without which you can’t get that flavour. One such herb in that authentic collection is tarragon and why it’s so let’s find that out.  A short description of tarragon  Tarragon belongs to the family of sunflower and is counted…

  • facts about sage herb
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    Facts about the herb sage (Salvia officinalis)

    The herb as a simple ornamental plant Sage is a type of Mediterranian herb with loads of benefits inherited in it. Although the plants appear to be wild, it had a very fascinating medicinal and culinary history. However, time evolved, and people started to believe in quicker ways rather than herbal. Thus, the significance of this plant got lost, and now it’s treated as a simple ornamental plant. How does the sage plant look like? The herb has round-ended leaves which could differ in size with the species. Ultimately, in the present time, you can see several colours in leaves such as purple, cream, yellow etc. The colour of the…

  • facts about lovage
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    Interesting culinary facts about the herb lovage

    A short description of the herb plant Lovage is a short height perennial plant whose every single part has some of the other users in the life of an individual. Eventually, this could be easily found in Europe as most people native to that country cultivate this herb for culinary purposes. Like some of the herbs, lovage also emits a lovely fragrance and is responsible for blooming yellow flowers.   How lovage became famous globally? European people utilize every single part as:  Leaves as herb  Seeds in the form of spice  Roots as a vegetable  By this, you must have recognized the value of this plant in the culinary uses for…


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