• facts about sage herb
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    Facts about the herb sage (Salvia officinalis)

    The herb as a simple ornamental plant Sage is a type of Mediterranian herb with loads of benefits inherited in it. Although the plants appear to be wild, it had a very fascinating medicinal and culinary history. However, time evolved, and people started to believe in quicker ways rather than herbal. Thus, the significance of this plant got lost, and now it’s treated as a simple ornamental plant. How does the sage plant look like? The herb has round-ended leaves which could differ in size with the species. Ultimately, in the present time, you can see several colours in leaves such as purple, cream, yellow etc. The colour of the…

  • facts about chervil
    Herbs to boost Immune,  Immune Booster recipe,  Immune Boosters

    Knowledgable facts about the herb chervil

    The native of parsley or coriander.  Chervil is a green coloured herb plant which is found mainly in North America and France. Sometimes, it’s known as the French parsley after being so famous in the French recipes. But still, you can avail it with the same name by the supermarkets. Like yarrow, there is no individual cultivation of this plant until we utilize it commercially. However, many people cultivate chervil as a kitchen garden herb to use it fresh in their recipes.  How did chervil spread among the global?  In ancient history, it mentioned that Romans played a significant role in spreading this herb throughout Europe. Eventually, this happened during the…


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