• facts about nasturtium
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    All about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium)

    Essentiality of herbs in our lives Herbs are essential for our health, and thus it’s necessary to know about them in detail. Eventually, the detailed knowledge of these plants helps us in knowing what would be the right choice to fulfil our needs. There are millions of herbs, including nasturtium present on our earth.  Among them, few are very important for our health. Some we have discussed earlier while today we are going to introduce a new one. Thus today we are going to know all about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium).  The history of nasturtium  The mentioning of nasturtium could be easily seen in many places, especially the book written…

  • facts about lovage
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    Interesting culinary facts about the herb lovage

    A short description of the herb plant Lovage is a short height perennial plant whose every single part has some of the other users in the life of an individual. Eventually, this could be easily found in Europe as most people native to that country cultivate this herb for culinary purposes. Like some of the herbs, lovage also emits a lovely fragrance and is responsible for blooming yellow flowers.   How lovage became famous globally? European people utilize every single part as:  Leaves as herb  Seeds in the form of spice  Roots as a vegetable  By this, you must have recognized the value of this plant in the culinary uses for…

  • Horseradish is actually not a radish vegetable?
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    Is horseradish not a radish vegetable?

    The actual use is as condiment! People often get confused with the name of horseradish that it may be a vegetable like a radish. But the truth is that it’s not and you don’t have to get confused with the name. Horseradish is basically a storage type of root which is used as a condiment. Condiment here doesn’t mean that it’s a kind of spice, but eventually, it’s used in certain sauces to enhance their taste. However, if you want to consume its single version, then you can add it to the vinegar and use it. Else, you can add it to some sort of gravy by either grating it…


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