• various types geranium
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    Geranium, rose geranium, and pelargonium: Confused?

    A short description about the geranium Geranium is found in the Mediterranian regions and mostly in the temperate areas also. Eventually, it is used to extract the most widely used essential oil, which you must have heard of if you are a cosmetic freak. Moreover, you can find this flower in the color range of pink, blue, purple, white with five petals. We all know this flower is used to extract oil; hence, most of its use is based on oil like:  1) Geranium creates wonders for the skin  Geranium oil is known for treating the acne problems, skin tightening, and removing any such blemishes on the skin. Eventually, its…

  • health benefits of oregano
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    Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

    A genius combination of oregano with pizza Generally, we recognise oregano And this is because we usually consume it with them and this habit is given to us by Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Some of them have got fond of it so much that they cant consume pizza without oregano. This wonder combination was a very genius thinking by a business-minded person. I guess I am deviating from my today’s topic and thus we shall focus on the oregano.  A short description of the oregano Oregano is a Mediterranean herb which has carried its part from last 1000 years, and people have generally used it as we utilise them today.…


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