• facts about lovage
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    Interesting culinary facts about the herb lovage

    A short description of the herb plant Lovage is a short height perennial plant whose every single part has some of the other users in the life of an individual. Eventually, this could be easily found in Europe as most people native to that country cultivate this herb for culinary purposes. Like some of the herbs, lovage also emits a lovely fragrance and is responsible for blooming yellow flowers.   How lovage became famous globally? European people utilize every single part as:  Leaves as herb  Seeds in the form of spice  Roots as a vegetable  By this, you must have recognized the value of this plant in the culinary uses for…

  • facts about chervil
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    Knowledgable facts about the herb chervil

    The native of parsley or coriander.  Chervil is a green coloured herb plant which is found mainly in North America and France. Sometimes, it’s known as the French parsley after being so famous in the French recipes. But still, you can avail it with the same name by the supermarkets. Like yarrow, there is no individual cultivation of this plant until we utilize it commercially. However, many people cultivate chervil as a kitchen garden herb to use it fresh in their recipes.  How did chervil spread among the global?  In ancient history, it mentioned that Romans played a significant role in spreading this herb throughout Europe. Eventually, this happened during the…

  • catnip for cats
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    Catnip: An ancient herb adored by cats?

    Cats love playing with the catnip! Catnip is amongst those herbs which are loved by the cats so if you have a cat at your home then you should have this herb in your pot. It will help to enhance the mood of your cat, and she would love to play with it in all the possible ways. However, these symptoms are majorly present in the aged cats because of the full development of senses. But what’s the thing inside it which makes it so fascinating? The reason behind the cat love for catnip? Catnip has a type of essential oil which emits a smell, and due to that smell,…


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