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Some unknown traditional facts about chilli!!

Chilli is a vegetable that has only ended up being a taste giver but do you know about some unknown traditional facts about chilli. People only remember it for adding spiciness into their food. Nobody bothers about what was the actual existence of chilli pepper(we are not talking about the hardworking chefs!!). Basically, it was found out by our ancestors who migrated from place to place in search of taste and food.

Like fire, they experimented with many things and then concluded about its actual utilization. Further, the time moved on and people ended up being so busy that they forgot about their own traditions. Although we are not targeting each person as some are concerned with the belongings provided to them by their ancestors.

That is why today we will move back in time and learn about some of the historic facts about chilli. Get ready for this journey as at the end you will learn many things about it for sure.

1) Today we have more than 100 types of chilli

interesting facts about chilli

Yes, you have heard it right and we know you are in shock. As Indian people majorly use two types of chilli one being green and the other one red. But you would be amazed to know that today we know about more than 400 types of chilli. Its actual origin belonged from many countries and do not worry we will know about them too.

2) Chilli is not the only native of Mexico

Many of you think that chilli truly belongs from Mexico but that is not the whole truth. Some of you might also believe that Texas was the original place for the birth of chilli. But this is also half as there as many countries which together combined for giving rise to chilli. And the combination came from Texas, Mexico, Spain, and America. Moreover, the traditional chilli in all the above-mentioned countries is different from us. That basically depends upon their taste buds.

3) If you are not well then give a try to chilli

facts about chilli

According to medical research, chillies have a chemical which is known for giving comfort. Although, excessive chilli chokes our neck and burns our mouths. But if we consume an adequate portion of chilli then it can give a sensation of being well. Precisely speaking it works as a painkiller for our body by controlling the triggers. But that does not mean that after an accident you will start consuming excessive chilli!!

4) Like other green vegetables, it is also good for our immune

Till now we all have known the fact that every single green vegetable is potentially good for our health. And similarly, it belongs to the same color. Although taste and looks are different the actual means I. e., the vitamins, minerals, etc. are quite the same. That is why if you are suffering from a cold or runny nose etc. then you can have it. As it helps in healing our body and protects us from harmful bacteria.

5) If hit with the strong fiery sensation then don’t drink water

chilli peepper

Many of us think that water is the only solution for removing that fiery and spicy sensation. But we are wrong and by doing this we further spread it in the whole mouth. That is why it’s recommended that whenever something like this happens put sugar or milk in your mouth. If then also nothing happens then you can try sweet curd that will surely work.

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