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Some unknown facts about yarrow

About the herb yarrow

Yarrow is one of the most famous roadside plants which is used for grazing the cattle and other animals. Eventually, in the present era, yarrow isn’t known for much significance and therefore not utilized by the people much.

Howver, in the ancient time or more precisely middle ages, yarrow was known for many great benefits. Traditionally this herb is utilized in western countries, especially Northern America and thus it has become famous from there.

Description about the plant

However, you will later come to know that Indians also uses them and for many purposes. Moreover, it’s a small heightened plant with a flower which mostly bloom from May to July. Eventually, it’s not cultivated by people ( commercially possible) that’s why you can mostly see them in the grasslands.

Some unknown facts about yarrow

It has beautiful white coloured flowers( can be of another colour also) which help this herb to beautify nature. Now let us know that after being fed to animals which it’s still known as a herb?

Why is yarrow known as a herb?

For being called a herb, there are some inner qualities needed by a plant which makes it beneficial for both humans and animals. Similarly, there are many hidden properties which at once made this herb mentioned in the isles of the Britishers. Consequently, there are many other facts and let us know about them:

1) Yarrow is used by birds due to its insect repellant properties

This could be easily seen in starling and sparrows, many a time they use this wild grass for building up their nests. After that scientist tried to investigate and research on the fact that why this herb is being used.

Some unknown facts about yarrow

Later they got the conclusion that yarrow has insect and microbial repellant properties which makes it suitable for the same.

2) It has blood stanching properties

However, not used in the modern era due to the development of resources. But in ancient times, yarrow was used by the militants for medicinal help. Eventually, in the middle ages, the forces of the army used this herb for treating the critical wounds. Yarrow helped them to stop the blood flow to a considerable extent at the same time it also had wound healing properties.

3) Yarrow could say “I am gruit”.

Before learning that you must know what is gruit? So it’s a herbal mixture which was added in alcoholic products to enhance their taste. Today we don’t use them, and thus humans have evolved from using hops instead of wild grasses. However, you can feed this mixture to the cows or goat because then they used to provide bitter milk.

4) What are the uses in India?

In India today, we use this herb in many of the industries, especially medicinal and aromatic, for the production of products commercially. In medical science, this herb is known for its gastrointestinal healing properties.

Some unknown facts about yarrow

Eventually, this is one among the main ingredients which are used for the production of related medicines. When talking about aromatic, then this plant has a mild aroma which is utilized for fragrance in many products.

The fact of the day:

You would be shocked to know that we have its mention in the Ayurveda also. Ultimately, at that time also it worked for the gastrointestinal and diaphoretic purposes. Moreover, it was used for the preparation of wound healing pastes also.

Nutritional benefits:


Therefore, these were some facts about the ancient herb yarrow which now is commonly used for medicine in India and feeding in western countries. If you want to know many such amazing facts about the various herbs, then visit our website Agrovatika.com. Also, don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook as we have some significant updates there.

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