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Some interesting information about cherimoya

Custard apple or cherimoya?

Earlier also we have written about it so you can have the information by the link mentioned below: 

Custard apple seeds 

Now, after seeing the above link, you must have got an idea that here we are talking about none other than custard apple. But it’s not an actual custard apple that is available in India. Howver, the taste of it is almost the same as that of the one we get here.

I think you all must know about the custard apple; if no, then you don’t have to worry much about it as we will quickly know about it: 

What’s cherimoya or custard apple? 

Cherimoya is a fruit with a soft melting pulp on the inside and an elevated skin on the outside. The outer surface is generally used to recognize whether the fruit is ripe. To identify this, you have to hold the fruit and see whether it’s tight or soft. If it’s very smooth to soft, then its entirely ready to be consumed. However, this type of fruit is perishable and can’t be stored for a more extended period.  

Some interesting information about cherimoya

Whereas if you buy the medium one, I.e., not too ripe or unripened, then you can store it for a few days. As the perishability level in it is less as compared to that of the ripened one. However, keep in mind not to swallow the seeds when you are enjoying this fruit. As your one mistake could be deadly for you and, at the same time, can cause life long paralysis. 

How can you use cherimoya in your dishes? 

There are many types through which you can consume it, and thus it truly matters upon your opinion. But we have the top 4 uses of cherimoya, which you can make to give your meal a genuinely new taste. 

1) Make a salad with cherimoya 

Cherimoya has a very creamy texture, which can be enjoyed with the citrus fruit as when they combine, then give a very fresh flavor. Eventually, you can use some cherries, bananas, kiwis, strawberry, and many other fruits of your choice for making it. Use few lemon drops or add honey according to your preferences and enjoy it. 

2) Make protein dish out of cherimoya  

For a salty version, you can add some freshly scooped cherimoya, lettuce leaves, add some salt and just give a sweet drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. This could be a best and healthy alternative when you want to have something light and filling without putting in much effort. Similarly, you can add any meat of your choice also to enhance it to another level. 

Some interesting information about cherimoya

3) For smoothy and shake 

Simply take some sugar, vanilla ice cream, and few drops of vanilla essence, add some fresh fruit and blend it out to form a smoothie and shake. If you want, you can also enhance it by adding some coffee, caramel, or other protein ingredients. 

4) Make tart and pie with cherimoya 

This is one amongst the best dish which you can have out of this fruit. Eventually, you just have to add the flesh or pulp of this fruit in the base for your sweet dish. Then bake it accordingly and enjoy it with your family and friends on the weekends and holidays. 

Nutritional benefits: 

sodium4mgpotassium269mgiron0.3mgvitamin C11.5mgcalcium8mg

Therefore, these were some dishes that you can give a try during the quarantine. For exploring more recipes of this type, visit our website Agrovatika.com. Consequently, you can find some helpful content about various fruit, vegetables, spices, and grains on our Facebook page. 

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