Quince: An ugly fruit with a hidden magic
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Quince: An ugly fruit with a hidden magic

Fruit like apple and pear!

Quince, which is likely to apple and pear is a fruit which could be easily used in many sweet dishes to elevate their taste. But here comes the question that if it can be used, why is it not that famous? That’s the only thing that makes this little goldish fruit special. Eventually, today we will know about this fruit. We will also enlighten the fact that why it’s not so popular and how you can eat it.

About the magical fruit quince

Quince is a pear-shaped fruit that grows in a bunch on a tree with an irregular shape when not ripened. As soon as it gets matured, it changes its color from grey to yellow and develops a smooth texture with whom anyone can get attracted easily. Moreover, it’s not easy to peel up that fruit, and while doing so, you have to encounter a woody feel.

Quince: An ugly fruit with a hidden magic

When bothering about the history of the fruit, then it was not that famous at old times. And that’s why we could only see it mentioned in the prehistoric past of Rome. Coming to modern times, then you can find this fruit in countries like Turkey, Rome, and some parts of Southeast Asia.
Now the fact comes that why quince is magical?

The reason behind this fact is that although it’s counted in the category of fruit. But actually, it’s not like them!! Here we mean that you can eat this fruit normally like we use to eat other fruit. Eventually, we prefer eating fruits when they are ripe, but when we talk about quince, you can’t eat it raw as its taste and texture very unappetizing.

How to consume quince?

You have to take the freshly ripen fruit and cook it with wine or water for consuming it. If you want, then you can add star anise or cinnamon stick in it to enhance the taste. Once it’s cooked, then you can smell that sweet rosy aroma out of the unappealing fruit. Believe me, it’s like a beautiful touch to the fruit as when it’s cooked, you can have a lovely citrusy and mood refreshing aroma.

Quince: An ugly fruit with a hidden magic

Similarly, after stewing it, you can add it to your dessert, pudding, cakes, pie, or other sweet dishes according to your mood. I am pretty sure that this dish will be loved by your friends, family, and other natives who don’t have a good feeling on the same day. Moreover, you can use this fruit to elevate the fragrance of your room. When it is kept under the sun, it releases a fresh citrus aroma, which could remove tension and anxiety.

Nutritional benefits:

sodium4mgvitamin C15mgvitamin A2mcgpotassium197mgcalcium11mg

So this was all about an unheard and ugly looking fruit, which can be changed into wonders by just stewing it. If you want to know about such unknown fruits, take your time and visit on our site Agrovatika.com or you can also look upon our Facebook page.

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