Punarnava vegetable to rapidly increase immunity

Punarnava vegetable to rapidly increase immunity

Potential Benefits of Punarnava: Nutrition facts

Punarnava is known to be an active herb as well as vegetables. It has many nutrient properties and is mainly used in supplements. In this blog “Punarnava vegetable to rapidly increase immunity” we will know how Punarnava can help in solving health issues.

Immunity facts
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Punarnava is a great vegetable to increase immunity. It contains many anti-oxidants.

It benefits women a lot as they solve urinary problems.

Punarnava also helps in reducing blood sugar levels and helps manage weight.

It is also called as Red hogweed and is famous all around the world.

Using Punarnava in your foods enhances the flavor. Novice might misuse as they don’t know the right amount to add. However, you need to use it wisely.

Punarnava also can cure issues like Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Insomnia, and Hair loss.

It can also reduce inflammation and balance carbs.

Soothes stiff muscles and also cures body pains.

Can also treat nausea and upset stomach.

Therefore, including Punarnava in your diet can benefit you a lot.

Punarnava Tea for Immunity

Punarnava Tea


  • Punarnava Leaf
  • Black tea/ Green Tea
  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Ginger (optional)


Steep them all for 10 mins in water and add lemon and honey at the end.

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