Pimiento or Cherry Pepper for amazing health
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Pimiento or Cherry Pepper for amazing health

Pimento also known as Cherry Peppers are sweet and spicy. They have an extraordinary flavor and are goos to relish. These are smaller versions of red peppers and capsicum. Pimiento is mostly used to make sauces and loaves. In this blog “Pimiento or Cherry Pepper for amazing health” we will know the importance of it in our diet.

Potential Benefits of Pimiento: Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts

Pimientos are great immune boosters and should not be neglected.

They also help with weight loss.

They have lots of anti-oxidants present, which prevents Cancers.

Pimiento is also great for relieving throat problems.

They also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Pimiento can also manage blood sugar levels and can control diabetes.

Cherry Peppers also has a considerable amount of Vitamin-C, making it boost the immune system of the body.

Therefore, it is understood that including Pimiento in your diet for health is advisable.

Pimiento Cheese Spread Recipe700

Pimiento or Cherry Pepper for amazing health
Pimiento or Cherry Pepper for amazing health


  • Sliced Pimientos (Canned)
  • Cheddar grated
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sandwich bread


  • Blend the sliced pimientos until puree.
  • Combine Pimientos, Cheese, and mayonnaise.
  • Spread the mixture on a loaf of sandwich bread.

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