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Pigeon pea: The grain loved by the children

Pigeon pea is loved because of its flavours!

Mostly children and adults love to consume the pigeon pea because of its flavours. Interestingly the name of the grain is pigeon pea is because of the presence of spot on the top. Eventually, it resembles the eyes of the pigeon, and so it got its name as pigeon pea.

Moreover, in Hindi, it’s known as arhar ki dal and has a nice yellow colour. As this grain is loved by every second person, that’s why it’s among the top cultivated grain in India. 

How to elevate cooked pigeon pea? 

For being cooked properly, it’s being boiled with the spices in a pressure cooker. Later it is elevated with the help of a ghee tadka. Eventually, its best enjoyed with the freshly boiled rice or ghee chapati. Moreover, if you want to elevate your recipe then you can give tadka in three variations: 

  • With garlic 

Garlic is chopped into fine pieces and then roasted for a while with ghee or oil and then add to the cooked grain. 

  • With cumin seeds 
Pigeon pea: The grain loved by the children

In this, you roast cumin seeds with the help of ghee or oil and then add it to your cooked grain. 

  • With the help of diced onion, tomato, coriander 

In this, you roast the vegetables mentioned above in oil or ghee until it gets soft and then add it to the cooked grain. 

Additional tip: Do not forget to cover the lid of pressure cooker after giving the tadka as then it will lose the flavour and aroma gained by ghee. 

Health benefits of pigeon pea: 

1) Helps in the proper growth of the child  

During the growing age, a kid requires certain essential elements which helps him to be healthier and have a good development. Eventually, pigeon pea is amongst that grain which assists the healthy growth of a child. It has specific properties which help in the regeneration of new cells, thus removing the bad ones.  

2) Pigeon pea helps in boosting the energy 

Kids need to have a balanced diet to gain energy for the studies and as well as for playing outdoor games. This helps in providing proper growth of the bones and mind at the same time.

Pigeon pea: The grain loved by the children

Eventually, if you want to provide your kid with such health benefits, then do not stop him from consuming pigeon pea. It’s good for his health and even for building up his future goals and marks. 

3) Take care of the digestive health 

Usually, kids love to eat chips, chowmein and mostly the junk food which we adults know is not suitable for their health. But its really hard to explain to them as it’s their age to eat these things and they too have craving taste buds.

Thus in place of stopping them bring a healthy innovation to your plan by adding pigeon pea. Eventually, this grain helps by handling all the digestive issues and protects our stomach. 

4) Provides the needed immunity to the kid 

When we are small then generally we have low immunity as compared to the matured person (depending upon the age). Thus it’s required to boost up the immunity to fight back from the deadly microbes which are ready to attack them.

Pigeon pea: The grain loved by the children

For protecting your kid, you should include pigeon pea in his diet. The right amount of vitamin c present in it helps to fight and kills the harmful microbes, thus acting as an immune booster grain. 

Nutritional benefits: 

Potassium1392 mgIron5.23 mgCalcium130 mgProtein22 gCarbohydrate63 g

Therefore, these were some health benefits of children’s favourite grain legume pigeon pea which also acts as the immune booster. If you want to explore more such articles, then visit our website Also, don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook as some latest updates are waiting for you there. 

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