Parsley to increase immunity and overall health

Parsley to increase immunity and overall health

Potential Benefits of Parsley: Nutrition

Parsley is a herb that is often confused with coriander. It is highly used in soups for mild flavor. Unlike coriander, it has light texture and flavor. It is mostly used in garnishes. In this blog “Parsley to increase immunity and overall health” we will know how Parsley effects our overall health.

sodium56mgzinc1.07mgpotassium554mgmagnesium50mgvitamin C133mg

Parsley is known to be a great immune booster. It is packed with lots of nutrients and hence effects the overall body.

It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin-K, C, Calcium, and Iron.

Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties and has higher amounts of Vitamin-C.

High concentrations of Calcium can also increase bone strength.

Due to its rich iron content, it also prevents deficiencies like Anaemia.

It also reduces problems like Gas and constipation.

Excellent weight loss ailment.

Works wonders on our body, skin, and hair. It is good to consume parsley to increase immunity.

Therefore, regular consumption of Parsley can lead to a healthier immune system.

How to incorporate Parsley in your food

Parsley to increase immunity and overall health

You can garnish Parsley in your salads and Soups. Parsley can also be consumed in the form of dried leaves, parsley root, and seeds.

Parsley tea can also be consumed for weight loss and managing stress.

Just steep few leaves in boiling water and add lemon and honey at the end.


Always keep Parsley in a wet cloth or towel. Store it in a refrigerator. Keep wetting the cloth in between. You can store it for up to 17 days.

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