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Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

A genius combination of oregano with pizza

Generally, we recognise oregano And this is because we usually consume it with them and this habit is given to us by Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Some of them have got fond of it so much that they cant consume pizza without oregano.

This wonder combination was a very genius thinking by a business-minded person. I guess I am deviating from my today’s topic and thus we shall focus on the oregano. 

A short description of the oregano

Oregano is a Mediterranean herb which has carried its part from last 1000 years, and people have generally used it as we utilise them today. We usually consume one type of oregano which is known as Origanum vulgare. Eventually, there are many other types of oregano which are used globally for culinary and health purposes.

Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

Moreover, not only the leaves are used as a spice but also a particular type of aromatic oil is extracted from them. This concentrated oil is used for ornamental purpose, message and even sometimes culinary. 

Health benefits of oregano: 

Although in the modern era we usually focus on consuming this herb as a spice but then there is some part of the globe which utilize it for the medicinal purposes. Not only dermatologically, but it also helps an individual to fight up from severe illness and diseases. 

1) Oregano oil is used for relieving pain 

For a hard-working and gym person, it is recommended to have massage weekly as it helps in regulating the blood flow throughout our body. Also, it relaxes the strain caused to the muscle and relaxes and type of cramp. Consequently, there is much essential oil which works mainly for this purpose.

Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

However, you cant over-consume them. In that case, comes the use of oregano; ultimately, you can use its oil-rich with all the needed properties but in a controlled manner. Moreover, it soothes the skin, also creating a more comfortable level for a person.  

2) Helps in aiding allergies 

Nowadays, respiratory problems have touched the sky, and thus every third person is effected from it, especially the old people. During that, they have to face issues like asthma, bronchitis, dust allergy, chest pain, etc.

Ultimately, for relieving their sufferings up to a certain level, you can ask them to consume oregano oil in a controlled manner. It’s medically proven that this herb has the power to help a person out of such conditions. 

3) Oregano is antifungal and antibacterial 

You cant stop your kids from playing outside similarly you cant have control over microbes attacking them. That’s why it’s essential to provide them with a controlled diet which can improve their overall immunity. Thus for the same oregano would be the perfect choice for a mother.

Moreover, the pandemic has increased to a dangerous level; therefore, you need to protect your family from such diseases. So if you can provide them with oregano in any manner, it would be best for their health. 

4) Use it for cracked heels and acne  

Cracked heels are also among the most dreadful issue among the female as they are painful at the same time, destroys the whole beauty of your leg. So if you want to treat them naturally, then you can massage the oregano oil in a diluted form.

Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

Also, you can use wax melted with mustard oil as it’s a grandmother recipe and surely would help you in healing cracks. Consequently, use the diluted form of oil on the pimples and acne. You would see a better result with every passing day; however, a patch test is recommended. 

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, these were some health benefits and facts about oregano, and if you like them, then don’t forget to share your views. Also, visit our website or our Facebook page as we have got some significant updates for you there. 

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