Neem Juice for Immunity and overall health
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Neem Juice for Immunity and overall health

Potential Benefits of Neem Juice: Nutritional Facts

By listening to the word Neem we just ignore it. Most of us don’t prefer neem in our diet due to the bitter flavor and taste. But do you know you can make it less bitter as well as tasty without compromising our health? In this blog, “Neem Juice for Immunity and overall health,” we will know more about the effects of Neem in overall health.   

Vitamin-A2.32mgBeta carotene0.102mgVitamin-B20.33mgSodium20.25mgIron1.33mg

The importance of Neem juice in Medical sciences is many. It is an excellent immune-boosters and also improves overall health.

They contain anti-bacterial properties.

It can cure diseases like Asthma and control diabetes.

Neem juice can purify the body and cleanse the tissues.

Increases blood circulation and also cures ulcers.

Neem is excellent for skin care and health care.

Therefore, it is proven that Neem Juice is excellent for Immunity.

How to prepare Neem Juice (Less bitter at home)


Neem Juice for Immunity and overall health
  • Neem Leaves and fruits
  • Lemon
  • ginger
  • honey


Blend them all and add Honey and lemon at the end. You can also mix some energy powders for better taste.

Neem Juice with Fruits


  • Neem leaves (cleaned)
  • Fruits of your choice (Banana, Apple, strawberry, Mango)
  • Prefer the sweet fruits.
  • Honey


Blend them and add honey at the end for a better taste.

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