Facts about mustard seeds
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Mustard seeds (Rai): Good to go seed with any dish!!

Mustard seeds or commonly referred to as “rai ka dana,” is a very popularly used culinary seed as its good to go seed with any dish. Not only in India, but these seeds are also used in other western countries like Canada, China, etc. The plant from which these seeds are extracted is a part of the rabi crop or winter season crop. Eventually, this plant is mostly found in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh due to the favorable soil and weather conditions. 

The seeds extracted from the plant is typically of three variants: 

  • Brown  
  • Black 
  • White 

Moreover, the variation in color tends to change its flavor also. Hence the more the light seed, the lighter is the pungency of the seed. So you can choose accordingly that what you want to cook for yourself and your family. Consequently, each seed has its own health benefit, and today we will be focussing on the major ones. 

1) Mustard seeds are high in calories 

Interesting facts about Mustard Seeds

These seeds are very high in calories, and the reason is the presence of oil inside it. Ultimately, we all know that mustard oil is extracted from these seeds only; hence, you can calculate the calories accordingly. Eventually, this seed is a perfect combination of various essential oils, high quality of protein, and many other vital factors. 

2) Mustard seeds are rich in vitamin B complex 

Vitamin B complex is amongst the most vital nutrient requires by our body. It helps regulate many functions like that of the nervous system, regulation of metabolism, regulation of enzyme activity and enzyme synthesis, etc. Moreover, this vitamin occupies many other essential elements: folate, riboflavin, thiamine, etc. thus increasing its importance for the body. 

3) Mustard seeds are full of vitamin C, A and K 

The presence of carotenoids and flavonoid antioxidants in mustard seeds ensures that this seed is present with a higher amount of vitamins. We all know the value of vitamins mentioned above ( Vitamin a for eyesight, vitamin c for antioxidants and fat regulation, Vitamin k for the brain). Thus it makes it essential to provide the right amount of it to the children who are in their growing age.  

4) Improves the hair quality

Mustard Seeds benefits

There are plenty of essential elements like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, oils, etc. present inside mustard seeds. Thus, it makes it helpful in strengthing the follicle and, ultimately, the hair growth. Eventually, if you want shiny and smooth hairs, then you should apply its paste to your scalp. It could provide your hair with essential compounds that they require to grow properly. 

Nutritional benefits: 


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