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Home remedies of Dried ginger powder in pandemic

These must-try home remedies of Dried ginger powder in pandemic could create wonders for your health!!

Day to day the things are getting worse and worse, and the rate of patients is also increasing in the same way. Eventually, no one is there to help you in this condition, and you have to understand this fact as soon as possible. For this, you have to take care of specific points which have been told by the government earlier. Among that, we have the consumption of vitamin c and herbal products so that our bodies could build immunity. 

Considering this today, we are here with several recipes in which you can directly use the ginger powder. So that you and your family could easily indulge it in your daily routine without any problem. 

1) Mix Dried ginger powder with the tea 

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Tea is one of the best routes through which you can give you and your family the nutrition of various herbal products like dry ginger, cloves, cardamom, and many more. You simply have to add a teaspoon of it in the tea, and then it automatically gets mixed with it. Like this, you could enjoy its benefit, and at the same time, the taste of tea will also get enhanced. 

2) Mix Dried ginger powder with chatni 

During this season, you can easily avail of unripened mangoes from the market, which is one of the best things you could have. Eventually, you could prepare mango chutney out of. Similarly, you can add the dry ginger powder in it. This is one of the best remedy benefitting mostly every age group. Below is the youtube link of the video: 


3) Make harira with it 

Harira is a dish made for women during the time of lactation and post-pregnancy. It can readily be used by the old age people too. Eventually, it’s the perfect blend of various herbs, dry fruits, and many more beneficial products. These all are best suited for our health and for treating many old age issues. Moreover, the mature age women could also eat it but avoid giving it to children and the girls who are mensurating. 


4) Make ladoo out of it 

Dry Ginger Powder Uses

It’s also one of the best alternative and time pass methods during this pandemic. Eventually, it’s also full of various essential elements and a variety of herbal properties. Ultimately, these play a major role in enhancing and boosting our immune system for a longer time. The best part is that you could give it to your kids also, however, in a controlled amount. 


Nutritional benefits:

Sodium158mgPotassium1688mgBeta carotene0.81mgAscorbic acid3.83mgPolyphenol69.21mg

I guess that these variations are definitely going to work for you at this time of the pandemic. Eventually, don’t forget to mix a bit of dry ginger powder in day to day gravy also as its also a better option.

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