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Marjoram: A healthy substitute for oregano

Why only marjoram and not any other herb?

There is a reason behind choosing marjoram as an alternative become in some middle eastern countries people usually recognize it as oregano. Moreover, the taste of marjoram is also similar to the oregano along with various benefits. Thus, making it fit for settling in the Top 20 list of must-have herbs at your home

How the world become aware of marjoram? 

We have seen that behind spreading any food item among a civilization, there is a back role of a group of people. Similarly, in the case of marjorams, mainly Romans, Arabians and Medditerenian people consumed the herb.

Marjoram: A healthy substitute for oregano

But as they conquered the various countries, they took the taste of herb with them. Interestingly, in the UK, the spreading of marjoram took place with the help of soldiers who brought this flavour with themselves while returning from world war 2. Eventually, you can grow this herb in your kitchen garden and use it fresh for uplifting your dishes. 

The uses of this herb 

Like other herbs, some parts of this herb is utilized in some of the different ways like: 

1) The use of leaves 

The use of the leaves of marjoram is divided into two categories, mainly dry and fresh green. These fresh greens are used for culinary purposes. Whereas the dried ones are used for the seasoning to the recipes.

Marjoram: A healthy substitute for oregano

Eventually, the leaves of marjoram are aromatic, and that’s also the primary reason why it’s prefered for adding the flavours. 

2) The upper portion and flower 

Generally, these two part of the plant is used for extracting a particular type of essential oil which is somewhat costly for many people. Eventually, it is enriched with tons of benefits for our body and thus its produced on a commercial basis.

Remember that when you are going to purchase the oil then see the colour. Eventually, the shade of the oil will be of the yellowish base; however, the more the dark tone, the more it’s aged and beneficial for the skin. 

3) Culinary uses 

  • For preparing tea 

Like lemongrass, the fresh leaves of this herb is used for starting the new day with extra energy. Ultimately, it helps in rejuvenating every single cell in our body, thus keep us healthy and younger. 

  • For preparing sauce 

As I have mentioned earlier that this herb is good with the aroma, that’s why it’s used for preparing the sauces. Moreover, for a stronger taste, the purple flowers of the same species are used for preparation. 

Marjoram: A healthy substitute for oregano
  • For seasoning the stews 

Again the dried version of this herb is used for seasoning the soups as it helps in uplifting the flavour. Also, it fills the recipes with a freshness, thus improving the neural power of a person. 

  • For dressing salads 

The drier version of this herb is used in the place of oregano for seasoning the salads along with extra virgin olive oil. However, it’s only seen in some parts of the globe as mostly it’s used for the tea. 

Nutritional benefits: 


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