Mangosteen: A palatable fruit to increase immunity

A short description of the mangosteen fruit

Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian fruit with loads of benefits hidden inside it. Although the look and taste of this fruit are peculiar, it offers a way more healthiness. Interestingly due to its color, sometimes its also referred to as the purple mangosteen. This basically happens because of its beautiful color, which is a combination of purple and magenta. But the contrasting fact you can find with this fruit is its pulp, which is of white color.

The inner portion of the mangosteen resembles the joined slices of orange. Moreover, it’s easy to remove the mangosteen’s outer covering once it gets ripened, unlike its appearance. Eventually, the flavor of mangosteen is sweet. But this sweet gets complemented with a touch of a sour taste. Thus, it’s neither too sour nor too sweet when it gets fully riped.

Culinary facts about mangosteen:

1) The outer covering can be easily removed with a knife

To remove the fruit’s purplish covering, a sharp knife can be used with care following by making the cuts and gently removing them. Another way is to use your hands and apply pressure on the fruit. Eventually, when the fruit is fully riped, then it can be opened up with the help of thumb pressure also.

2) Be careful while removing the outer portion of mangosteen

This is true, especially when you are wearing white clothes as you are planning to ruin them on your own. It’s known that the covering of the fruit leaves color with the touch, so when you are handling it, use a cloth. Else, keep it away from you and then slightly remove the portion.

Additional tip: Never rub your hands with any cloth after peeling this fruit because you will ruin its color. Eventually, mangosteen covering is also used as a natural dye for commercial purposes. Therefore, once it is applied on your cloth, it would be hard for you to remove it.

3) Use mangosteen while preparing salads

This type of use is mostly famous in Vietnam, where they mix the pulp of this fruit with their salads to provide an uplifting taste. Therefore, if you are going to prepare fruit salads or even vegetable base salad, then it could be the right choice for you.

4) Make smoothies with it

It has a nice thick texture that goes right with the smoothies, especially when you think of detoxifying your body. Thus, add some greek yogurt, fruits of your choice and then grind it accordingly.

Health benefits of mangosteen:

1) Helps in flushing out the harmful radicals roaming around your body with the help of the antioxidants.

2) This fruit has anti-cancer properties; thus, it can protect you from the harmful carcinogenic rays or even the UV rays’ effect.

3) This is an excellent fruit for diabetic patients or an average person also as it also helps control the blood sugar levels in the body.

4) Mangosteen acts as a natural booster for your skin, thus making it healthier and radiant. This especially goes right with the aged people as it removes fine lines and wrinkles.

5) It has a significant impact on our brain and thus helps in boosting our memory. Also, it has a beneficial impact on the power of remembering something, so it goes best for the kids.

Nutritional benefits:

Magnesium13.9 mgCalcium5.49 mgVitamin A35 IUNiacin0.286 mgFolates31 mmg

Therefore, these were some health benefits and culinary facts about the mangosteen fruit. Eventually, if you want to explore more about such crops, then visit our website Don’t forget to look upon our Facebook page and remember to follow us back for the latest updates.

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