Immune boosting and nutrition properties of Lychee
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Lychee the best Immune fruit to include in the diet

Potential benefits of Lychee: Immune boosting properties

Lychee is a fruit and is often confused with rambutan. It has excellent nutrients and flavor. In this blog, “Lychee the best Immune fruit to include in the diet” we will know how Lychee is considered an immune booster.

Litchi/Lychee is not advisable for diabetic patients as it contains a high amount of sugars and might spike the blood sugar.

sodium1mgcalcium5mgvitamin C71.5mgpotassium171mgiron0.31mg

Lychee is a pack of nutrients like Vitamin-C and Potassium.

Vitamin-C in lychee helps cells and supports the immune system.

It has edible fiber and is also great for digestion.

Litchi can help in maintaining eyesight and prevents anemia.

It also improves brainpower.

Lychee strengthens bones and assists in weight loss.

It helps in neutralizing free radicles.

Litchi can prevent various types of Cancers. 

Therefore, it is good to include Litchi in your diet., although, it is not advisable to eat Lychee on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is understood that Lychee is a wonderful immune fruit.

Easy and Healthy Lychee Recipes

Lychee is great in desserts, ice-creams and drinks. Here are few recipes to enjoy with Lychee.

Lychee Panna Cotta

Lychee the best Immune fruit to include in the diet
Lychee the best Immune fruit to include in the diet


  • lychees
  • Double Cream
  • Whole milk
  • Sugar
  • 4 gelatine leaves
  • dried rose petals
  • castor sugar
  • rose water


  • Blend the lychee pulp in a blender.
  • In a deep saucepan, add milk and gelatin and bring to a boil.
  • Just before it gets boiled, add Lychee puree and sugar to it and stir continuously for 2 minutes.
  • Add vanilla extract and heavy cream to the above, stirring continuously.
  • Add rose water to it.
  • Refrigerate for about an hour.
  • Top with gelatin leaves and rose petals.

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