Licorice/ Mulethi for Immunity boost and health

Licorice/ Mulethi for Immunity boost and health

Potential Benefits of Mulethi or Licorice

Licorice is a herb that is popularly known as “Athimadhuram”. It is packed with many nutrients and has many medicinal properties. It is mostly available in the form of the root. In this blog “Licorice/ Mulethi for Immunity boost and health” we will know how Mulethi can help in boosting immunity.


Athimadhuram is packed with many nutrients and is a great immunity booster.

Licorice is used for skin brightening and curing skin diseases.

It can also fade blemishes and heals different skin conditions.

Since it is packed with many antioxidants it can cure inflammatory diseases.

It also offers protection against Sun-Induced Damage.

Licorice also helps in hair health and prevents dandruff.

It is good during PMS and reduces cramps.

It fights many viruses and relieves stomach ulcers.

Therefore, it is important to use Licorice in our diet as it increases immunity.

Mulethi Chai for a Healthier body

Here is a simple recipe with Mulethi to help you in boosting immunity.


  • Mulethi root
  • Ginger
  • Water
  • Black tea leaves/ Green tea leaves
  • Milk (optional)


In boiling water add Tea leaves, Mulethi, and Ginger. Brew for 10 mins for the flavor to diffuse. Add milk (optional). You can also add lemon and honey for taste.

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