Kiwi fruit for overall health and Immunity
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Kiwi fruit for overall health and Immunity

Potential benefits of Kiwi: Nutritional facts

Kiwi is the fruit that is getting amazing popularity nowadays. It can be found in any supermarket and are expensive in India. But the wide range of nutrients and the delicious flavor of Kiwi makes it unique and popular. In this blog “Kiwi fruit for overall health and Immunity” we will know how it can help with body health.

sodium3mgvitamin C92.7mgvitamin A4mcgpotassium312mgiron0.31mg
Nutrition facts

Kiwi is a super-fruit with many beneficial nutrients. Kiwi is great for immunity.

It has a tangy yet delicious flavor that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

1 kiwi contains double the amount of Vitamin-C found in strawberries and oranges.

The potassium present in kiwi is double the amount of Banana.

It also has higher amounts of Vitamin-K and E compared to other fruits.

Kiwi has lower amounts of calories that can be used for weight loss.

It is also beneficial for pregnant women and toddlers.

Prevents Cardiovascular diseases and other dangerous diseases.

Kiwi also improves digestive metabolism.

Also, cures eye-sight related problems.

Neutralizes free radicles and stabilizes immunity.

Therefore, including Kiwi fruit in your diet highly benefits your health.

Tasty and Healthy Kiwi Recipes

Kiwi Yogurt Cups

Kiwi fruit for overall health and Immunity


  • Kiwi (peeled and sliced)
  • Greek Yogurt
  • honey
  • Lemon zest


  • Dip kiwi in honey and lemon zest.
  • Add layers of Kiwi and yogurt alternatively.
  • Serve immediately.

Kiwi Mint Juice


Kiwi fruit for overall health and Immunity
  • Kiwi
  • Mint
  • Lemon Juice
  • Water
  • Sugar


  • Heat sugar, water, and mint leave in a pot until sugar melts completely.
  • Then turn off the heat and cover the pot to let mint flavors infuse in sugar syrup.
  • Remove the leaves.
  • Blend sugar syrup, kiwi flesh, lemon juice, and ice in a blender.

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