Kewra: An essence to the word biryani

Kewra is an special liquid added to the dishes

Hello, all the nonveg and sweet lovers, today’s article is dedicated to you only who love to eat food. Without them, kewra has no existence as its generally used in these two categories of food.

We have seen our mothers using two drops of a special liquid from our childhood, which when infused with the food, gave a beautiful aroma. These two drops were non-other than the kewra liquid; however, it can differ with the quality. But how that we will know further!

An in-depth look into the aroma of kewra:

Kewra is a form of essential oil extracted from the flower of a tree name as fragrant screwpine. In India, you can find the majority of this flower’s cultivation on a place known as ganjam.

Eventually, they are the largest producer of this flower, and hence from there, the kewra is exported worldwide commercially. Ultimately, kewra can be found in two quality:

1) Mitha itra kewra(essential oil)

This is the purest, and the expensive form of the kewra extracted from the flower. When used for the fragrance, then only 1 drop of it is sufficient to glorify your dish. Moreover, this comes in a small glass bottle with a significantly less quantity.

Additional tip: Do not add more amount of it in the food as this would ruin your dish completely. A small amount is sufficient to add fragrance to your recipe. If you put in one more drop of it in the food by mistake, it will result in the bitter taste. That’s why to use calm hands or don’t put it directly in the food.

2) Loose water kewra

This form of the kewra can be easily availed from the market in a less expensive form as it is diluted with water. Eventually, the amount of it needed for the food is 1-2 spoon.

It is in liquid form; thus, more amount of it is used, but don’t get confused with its texture as it can also ruin your dish. Moreover, you can quickly get it in the form of a long plastic bottle.

Recipes with kewra:

1) In the sweet dishes

While making kheer, phirni, sewai, or any type of sweet dish, you can add a small amount to uplift its taste.

2) While making biryani or pulao

In muslin culture, the use of kewra with rice is very famous as it helps in giving a touch of earthy aroma to every bit of rice. Eventually, this trend moved in India with the Mughals,

and we all know about there taste buds. Thus, if you want to add an uplifting flavor to your dish, don’t forget to add a kewra drop in it.

3) For making sharbat

Although this is not common in today’s world as we now have cold drinks as an instant drink after a hot day. But in some places, you can still find the use of sharbat and mainly in the Lucknow. Ultimately, for making it a small amount of rooh afza, sugar, kewra was mixed with the water and then was served chilled.

Nutritional benefits:

Protein2.2 gCalcium134 mgPhosphorus108 mgIron5.7 mgVitamin c2 mg

Therefore, these were some facts about the kewra water, which gives a pleasant smell to the food. Thus, you can easily avail it and use it as it doesn’t have any such side effects. Moreover, if you want to explore more such articles, then visit our website Also, don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook as some latest updates are waiting for you.

Anushka Singh: