Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits

Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits

Jaggery is a sweet ingredient created from sugarcane and palm trees. It is of various types like Palm Jaggery and Date jaggery. Jaggery is also high in nutrients and is known to be the best immune booster. It is also a natural sweetener and is a healthier option. In this blog “Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits” we will know more about Jaggery and its potential benefits.

Potential Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Jaggery

Iron1.59mgSodium177mgCalcium279mgFolate7.2 ugVitamin-C9.4mg
Nutrition facts

Jaggery has many nutritive benefits. It is said to increase the total count of hemoglobin in the blood.

It also provides proper nourishment to the total body.

Helps in maintaining and functioning digestive system.

Since it is good in Iron content it can prevent diseases like Anaemia.

Jaggery can also prevent joint and bone problems like arthritis.

Since it is a natural sweetener and a healthier option it can be replaced with processed sugars.

Provides instant energy and is great for kids.

Therefore, it is understood that including jaggery in your diet is great for boosting immunity.

Tips before buying Jaggery

  • It should be free from crystals.
  • Jaggery should not taste bitter and salty.
  • It should also be hard to break.
  • Look for dark brown jaggery.

Healthy Jaggery Sesame balls

Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits


  • Jaggery
  • Sesame
  • Butter/ Coconut oil


Prepare balls by mixing jaggery and sesame.

These balls can be eaten as a snack by all ages. It is extremely helpful for pain-free menstruation. Sesame balls also increase the iron content in our body. It is best to have 1ball per day.

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