Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity
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Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity

Sparkling Water for Immunity

Sparkling water is the present trend in our country. It was first invented in the US and it took over a massive change in drinking habits. Sparkling water is water infused with carbon dioxide gas. It is also called Carbonated water. We already have many carbonated water brands like Club soda, etc. In this blog “Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity” we will know more about Sparkling water.

Sparkling water became trendy when people got bored of regular drinks to get hydrated. Carbonated water became an interesting option to stay hydrated. That is when it came into limelight.

Sparkling water effects on Body

Our body needs to be in an alkaline state to function properly. Sparkling water contains carbonic acid which is a weaker acid. Therefore it slightly increases our pH.

Although there is natural sparkling water available from Perrier brands( they capture natural spring water which is high in sulfur and minerals) they are still mildly carbonated.

It is slightly acidic to a pH of 3-4 and your body can tolerate these levels of acidity. Lungs remove the excess carbon dioxide. Therefore, Sparkling water is not bane to your immunity.

Potential Benefits of Sparkling Water

Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity
  • Sparkling water can aid in good digestion.
  • It can also improve swallowing ability.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Keeps us hydrated as still water.

Since it is mildly acidic it is a little bit harmful to our teeth. Including sweetness in carbonated water can cause a higher erosion of enamel.

Researchers also concluded that it doesn’t affect bone health., it is positive towards bone health. But drinking carbonated beverages like Cola affects bone health.

Therefore, Sparkling water has positive effects on the body with a mildly negative impact.

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