Horseradish is actually not a radish vegetable?
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Is horseradish not a radish vegetable?

The actual use is as condiment!

People often get confused with the name of horseradish that it may be a vegetable like a radish. But the truth is that it’s not and you don’t have to get confused with the name. Horseradish is basically a storage type of root which is used as a condiment. Condiment here doesn’t mean that it’s a kind of spice, but eventually, it’s used in certain sauces to enhance their taste.

However, if you want to consume its single version, then you can add it to the vinegar and use it. Else, you can add it to some sort of gravy by either grating it or making a powdered version of it.

What would the horseradish taste like to us?

Although I just said that you can eat it or consume it with any dish, but it’s not the whole fact. To understand this, firstly, you should know that it belongs to the kind of cabbage and wasabi; however, it has a pungent taste like mustard oil. Therefore, you have to be very careful and generous while adding it to your food.

Is horseradish not a radish vegetable?

Why we mostly eat horseradish with vinegar?

You should understand that when we do anything, a specific reason stands behind it. Likewise, when we add vinegar to the freshly grated horseradish, it helps to soothe the pungent action. Thus, it stabilizes the taste, and you can eat it in the way you want.

You should also pay attention to the fact that when adding in any dish, keep in mind the root’s taste. As if not calculated before, it can surely ruin your whole plan of enjoying a delicious dinner with family!!

Tips while cooking with horseradish

After reading the points mentioned above, you would certainly like to know more about this root. That’s why we have got some beneficial tips which you can use in your dish to enhance its taste to another level.

Is horseradish not a radish vegetable?

1) Always use it fresh

You can easily avail stored version of horseradish from the supermarkets, but it’s not that tough to grate it yourself at home. Eventually, you must know that the freshly done things are excellent to taste.

2) Grind it in mixer

This point is essential for being kept in mind as we have already mentioned that it’s like mustard. So if you try to prepare it with the help of grinding stone, you could face some dangerous consequences like itching, eye pain, etc.

3) Grate the exact amount in need

Is horseradish not a radish vegetable?

If you are thinking of storing it, make sure you use the airtight jar to captivate the taste of the paste. Otherwise, it’s advised to grate it fresh and use it at the same moment itself. As it has the tendency of losing its taste and smell very quickly similar to the case in mustard.

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