culinary uses and disadavantages of white pepper
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Interesting facts about the white pepper

White pepper is non other than the black pepper!

White pepper is black pepper! Confused? Ok, so white pepper is a part of black pepper, but the only thing which is changed between them is the colour. Now the colour change is not due to the change in specie, but eventually, it is because of the removal of the outer covering.

Ultimately, the outer layer of black pepper is removed by soaking and treating it mechanically. After this process, it gets ready for being used in the various recipes. Now the question arises that why we do that as we can use the black pepper also? Let’s find that out. 

Why we remove the outer covering of black pepper? 

There are some factors which influence the removal of the portion like: 

1) White pepper enhances the flavour 

The white pepper has a more vibrant and robust flavour as compared to the black colour. Thus, be careful while adding it in your dish as more amount of it will convert your dish into more hot. 

2) It changes the colour 

Interesting facts about the white pepper

While making white dishes like sauce, pasta etc., many people don’t like to have that black colour in that dish. Therefore, they use this spice to provide the taste at the same time hiding the use of black pepper. 

3) White pepper is sharper 

Due to the removal of the outer black layer, the spice loses certain chemical compounds which makes it sharper in taste. That’s why it is preferred more in the cooking than the black one. 

Disadvantages of over-consuming white pepper: 

1) White pepper can cause kidney inflammation 

If you have any sort of kidney-related disease or you are an excessive alcoholic, then do not consume the white pepper. Thus, if you consume this spice, then it would be more painful for you to bear the pain, and this could even turn into a severe issue. 

2) Should not be consumed by gastritis patients 

Above also, I have mentioned that this spice is more robust; thus, it has more power to produce flatulence. Therefore, if you are suffering from gastritis or any gastrointestinal disease, then do not over-consume this spice.  

Interesting facts about the white pepper

3) White pepper is harmful to the ulcer patients  

Similarly, due to its more strong flavour, it could be painful for ulcer patients to consume it. Even they should consume the mild spices as it is suitable for their health. Otherwise, if any such leniency is done, then they could have stomach cancer also. 

How to use this spice in your dish? 

Like other spices, it could also be added in any form of the dish, especially when you want to offer a more vibrant flavour.

Interesting facts about the white pepper

Therefore, whether it be salads or any sort of cream just add a pinch of it and see how it creates magic for your dish. However, be careful while you are adding this spice as a slightly more amount of it can ruin up you all efforts. 

Nutritional benefits of white pepper 

Protein10 gFiber25gCarbohydrates64gPotassium1329 mgSodium20 mg

Therefore, these were some nutritional and culinary facts about the white pepper and if you want to explore more such articles, then visit our website Also, don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook as some latest updates are waiting for you there. 

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