uses of indian long pepper for a woman
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Indian long pepper: A herbal spice for a woman

A short description of Indian long pepper

As the name indicates, Indian long pepper is a spice that originated mainly in India. Eventually, it’s the fruit extracted from the plant which is later used for the production of medicine. It looks likes a more extended version of black pepper, and somewhat the taste also matches to it. Interestingly when it is not fully riped, then the colour of spice is pinkish-red.

Moreover, it has a small thorn-like structure on its surface resembles black peppercorns. Like the name, it is of black colour and can be easily availed from the market. Moreover, it has intense and earthy flavours, thus making it more viable to be used in various recipes. 

Exceptional use of this spice for women 

Indian long pepper has specific chemical compounds which indeed help the women in many purposes. These health benefits of the spice are related to reproductive health such as: 

1) Indian long pepper is used for maintaining the menstrual flow 

Menstrual flow is vital for a woman because it decides whether she will be a healthy mother or not. Not only that, but it also helps in making a shield for a woman while protecting her from several harmful diseases.

Indian long pepper: A herbal spice for a woman

That’s why maintaining healthy menstruation is necessary for a woman in her life. To take care of it, you can include Indian long pepper in your diet as it helps to maintain and regulate the periods.  

Additional information: This can be used after the pregnancy also to regulate the menstrual flow for some weeks. 

2) Used during the time of childbirth  

Giving birth to a child is very painful and how to bear that pain is only known by a woman. Thus several herbal remedies are included in her diet to maintain the health of the foetus. At the same time, it also helps in fulfilling the essential demand made by the body of the mother.

In that Indian long pepper can also be used at is has so many essential benefits for a mother. Eventually, it works similar to those herbs and take care of the mother and baby. 

3) Excessive Indian long pepper causes abortion 

Like the regulated amount of it benefits the mother similarly the high amount of it harms the expected mother. It is known that an excessive amount of it can lead to abortion, and that’s why many females use it for inducing the same.

Indian long pepper: A herbal spice for a woman

However, this option is risky, and at the same time, it also carried many disadvantages with it. So please be careful and yes when you are an expected mother then consult with your gynaecologist before adding something new in your diet. 

4) Helps in stimulating the sexual drives 

Due to certain factor couple loses the motivation of getting close to each other, and eventually, the workload is the most significant factor. Upon that, a person suffers from stress, tension and many other problems which also leads to decrement.

To influence a person and to make his love life happier Indian long pepper could be of great use. Eventually, when consumed, then it’s known to stimulate the mind of the person, thus making him closure to his/her partner. 

5) Indian long pepper helps in controlling menstrual cramps  

Menstrual cramps can be excruciating for a woman as she has so many responsibilities on her head. At the same time, she has to suffer through the mood swings, which is also equally dreadful.

Indian long pepper: A herbal spice for a woman

Therefore, for relieving yourself from this, you can add a pinch of Indian long pepper in your diet. Eventually, it will help you to have reasonable control over these two irritating problems, and you would be able to be focused on your work. 

Nutritional benefits: 

Potassium1329 mgIron9.71 mgCalcium443 mgProtein10 gCarbohydrate64 g

Therefore, these were some healthy tips for a woman to be happier in her life by including Indian long pepper in recipes. If you want to explore more such facts, then visit our website and don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook.  

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