Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world
Health Drinks,  Immune Boosters

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

Kdramas make us hungry. We often see mouth-watering spicy noodle challenges and get our mouth watered. In this blog “Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world” we have researched and bought your interesting things about Korean food.

Do you know that Korean cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world? They are packed with many vitamins and probiotics. Here are some foods you can try for better health.

1. Banana Milk

Banana Milk is the most popular beverage in South Korea. Nearly 1.5 million bottles are sold a day. It is packed with many vitamins and probiotics. It is one of the richest sources of potassium and boosts heart health. Consists of electrolytes and is delicious. You can drink it after a morning breakfast or after your evening walk. It deserves a top place in Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world.

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

2. Vitamin Drinks and Refreshing Tea

Refreshing Teas in Korea are

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

  -Honeyed, Sweet Tea

둥굴레 차 – Solomon Tea

It is made from various herbs(boiled). It cools and hydrates your body. 

보리차 – Barley Tea

A caffeine-free tea that does wonders for digestion and maintains cholesterol and blood viscocity. Famous for student study night-outs. 

인삼 차 – Ginseng Tea

Used in treating cold as well as controlling chronic fatigue. 

Korean vitamin drinks are packed with 1000mg of Vitamin-C which helps with your skin as well as your immunity.

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

There are various kinds of drinks for hangover, cold, cough, energy, headaches, and many problems. 

3. Gimbap/Kimbap

Like the Japanese sushi, Gimbap is a type of role that can be eaten in meals or snacks. They are filled with rice and vegetables covered by seaweed. These rolls are cut into bite-sized shapes for snacking and light meals.

4. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki is a healthier vegetarian option in Korea. These are to be found in any restaurant and the streets are one of the most famous foods in Korea.  Usually eaten when gossiping with friends or family, this dish comes with many varieties.

5. Kimchi

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

I don’t even need to talk about kimchi.  It is a Lacto-fermented dish which can be seen everywhere. Kimchi is usually eaten with rice or as a side dish. It has a wide range of vitamins primarily Vitamin-A, Vitamin C&K along with minerals like Phosphorus, Calcium, and Selenium.

6. Jjajangmyun

Jjajangmyun also known as the black bean noodles is often seen in ramen challenges and K-dramas. It is the most take-away and orders dish in Korea. It consists of Sodium and Dietary fibers that are essential for a healthy life and immunity.

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

These are some of the healthy foods popularly seen in Kdramas. They are many other foods like RamyeonSamyang, and Chapaguri in which we can add lots of vegetables to make it healthy.

Some famous snacks include Hotteok, Flavoured almonds, Hotdogs, and Fruit jellies (Low calories).

Healthy Korean Foods inspired by K-world

For recipies and how to make them at home see this.

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