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Health benefits of alligator pepper

About the grains of paradise

Alligator pepper is one among the healthiest medicinal spice which is used by the people in western countries. Eventually, it has so many names like mbongo spice, melegueta pepper, guinea paper. Its also known as hepper pepper, Afrika kakulesi, ginny pepper, and atare. However, the most famous name of this spice is grains of paradise.

This spice gives a strong peppery taste with its every seed. Eventually, it’s enclosed in a fruit-like structure, which is often dried before being used. Ultimately, this flower is bright red when its fresh; however, once it dries off, it turns into the brownish shade. 

How does it get its name? 

We all know that everything present on earth gets its name from its quality and looks. Similarly, when the flower( which contains the seed of the pepper) gets dried, its outer covering resembles an alligator’s skin.

Grains of Paradise

Thus, its name was kept as alligator pepper by the native people where this spice was found. Moreover, this spice belongs to African countries, and then it traveled through the various western countries. 

Health benefits of alligator pepper 

1) Alligator pepper stimulates the sexual drives 

The chemicals derived from this pepper are used as an aphrodisiac for the sexual desires of both the genders. Eventually, this was the main reason why this spice was consumed and famous among the people at that time.

Consequently, it can improve the strength and durability of sexual pleasures. So if you want, then you can indulge this pepper in your daily routine to see the beneficial effects.

2) It was used for treating the wounds 

In older times, this spice was used for treating the scars or pain present in the body of an individual. However, in today’s time, this spice is consumed like other spices, or you can say it works at turmeric. Using it solely for treating such issues could not be advised to a person.

Grains of Paradise (Alligator Pepper)

But do not use it directly on wounds as this could cause a burning sensation and more damage to that area. Also, don’t consume this in the maximum amount when in pain. It can cause severe problems for your inner body, mainly in the stomach, due to the presence of pepper. 

Tips: Before applying anything to the wound or consuming anything for the pain, consult it with a doctor. As sometimes, this could have a terrible effect on your body.

3) Alligator pepper could protect you dermatologically 

There are many other spices like black pepperscurry leavesdried ginger, mustard seeds, etc. that work for the same purposes. Similarly, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. Thus, protecting our body for microbial diseases common in monsoons. 

4) Protects you from diseases 

It is scientifically proved that this spice can protect you from a severe illness like chickenpox, measles, fever, etc. That’s why we recommend you to consume it as a spice in your dishes.

Grains of Paradise (Alligator Pepper)

Ultimately, it will form a protective shield around your body that would protect you from diseases. So now you have got more natural ingredients to protect yourself.

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, these were some health benefits and facts about alligator pepper. Now you can visit any store and purchase it for consuming it. Moreover, don’t forget to look upon our Facebook page and website, Agrovatika.com. As there you can get further healthy updates.  

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