Have you heard about green weed white goosefoot?
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Have you heard about green weed white goosefoot?

That’s a funny question that have you heard about green weed white goosefoot? As I know that you must have eaten it, using it and not only once but many times. Howver, you haven’t heard about this name? Have you? If no, then keep on reading, and in the end, you will smile at yourself only after learning the facts. So, lets began our journey with our today’s weed!! 

Whats actually white goosefoot? 

White goosefoot, also known as chenopodium album, is non-other than “bathua ka saag.Now you must be like yes, I have heard that name before. Oh well, if you are a foreigner, then you should give it a try as its very nutritious and at the same time its healthy also. 

However, now I am obvious and assuming that you know about the benefits of this weed and how nutritious it is for our body. Eventually, I won’t be focussing on the known facts today; consequently, I will be telling about some points that you haven’t heard before about this vegetable. 

1) White goosefoot was used as a pest trap 

Have you heard about green weed white goosefoot?

For protecting the planted seedlings, farmers generally plant the trap plants at the boundaries so that they could defend the planted seedlings. Similarly, this weed is utilized for the same purpose as it could trap most of the pest with it. So if you have a kitchen garden, you can plant this weed at the boundaries to protect your newly planted plants for getting eaten by pests. 

2) Worked as an ayurvedic paste 

We all are aware that in the ancient period, people generally utilized natural ingredients for healing the wound. Consequently, the pulp of this weed was used on serious injuries for treating the people. Howver, the original documentation regarding this is not mentioned anywhere. But still, we have some proof of the ancient writings. 

3) White goosefoot was used for construction purpose 

Similar to the earlier mentioned point, people in ancient times believed in utilizing original products. Thus they used this weed for constructing various buildings and houses. Also, the paste of this plant was applied to homes as it gave a cooling action and, at the same time, worked as an insect repellant. Although later, things got modified, and people started using them instead of using natural methods. 

4) Have highly nutritious seeds 

Have you heard about green weed white goosefoot?

It’s known that the seed of this weed has the potential to take over the place of legume and rice and can be utilized during the hard times. In the older period, kings used to deliver his troop the abundant amount of bathua seeds so that they could survive for a more extended period. Howver, now its seeds and leaf are both used for poultry purposes. 

Nutritional benefits 


Eventually, now we have to end today’s interaction, and I hope you must have learned a lot from the facts mentioned above. If you liked our content, then share it with maximum people and also comment on your views. Moreover, don’t forget to visit our website Agrovatika.com to have a detailed knowledge of all the food materials. 

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