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Giving a try on the cactus fruit prickly pear

What is the thorny, prickly pear? 

Prickly pear, sometimes called opuntia and cactus fruit, are edible parts that could be extracted from a species of cactus, known as nopales cactus. This fruit is magenta or dark pink from the inside as well as from the outside.

Generally, you can find these fruits in western countries like Mexico or the places where cactus could be grown or found. Moreover, the taste of this fruit is quite unpredictable, as it’s not explored yet. Thus you can sense a sweet taste of both watermelons and chewing gum at the same time when biting it. 

The use of cactus in dishes

It is no wonder to say that only this fruit is edible as many a time the cactus is also used to prepare many dishes. But since it’s a flower from that plant, so we have differentiated it in fruit with delicious taste. 

Giving a try on the cactus fruit prickly pear

Eventually, it’s comparatively more juicy and tasty when handled with care. Also, the juice extracted from it could be the best thing used to give your recipes a new taste and aroma!! 

How to handle prickly pear carefully? 

By the name itself, it must be clear to you all that this fruit has soo many spines on it, that’s why it’s necessary to handle it with care. Eventually, for cutting it, you have to follow these 4 simple steps which are mentioned below: 

Giving a try on the cactus fruit prickly pear
  • Wear the gloves or hold the prickly pear with the help of a cloth 
  • Then slightly with a sharp knife, make a cut vertically from the above. 
  • Then peel it horizontally till the layer where you find the soft flesh. 
  • After peeling, cut the fruit into slices and mash it to extract the pulp. Finally, sieve the paste with the help of a sieve to avoid the unwanted residue. 

Consequently, by following these steps, your fruit would be entirely ready to be used in your dishes.

How to use the prickly pear pulp? 

Now that the pulp is ready so you can mix it with any form of dough or shakes, you want it to get mixed. Likewise, you can invent cupcakes, smoothie, pastry, ice cream, sorbet, shakes, cakes, and many more recipes.

Giving a try on the cactus fruit prickly pear

Eventually, you can also add this pulp into the savory dishes, but you have to take care of the fact that how to balance its taste. As if you can excel in this step, then you can create wonders, or else you have to face off the blunders.

Nutritional benefits:  

sodium5mgpotassium220mgvitamin C14mgVitamin A2mcgcalcium56mg

 Therefore, this was all about the dessert fruit prickly pear, now you know pretty much about hidden benefits and how to handle it. Lastly, if you want to know like this about various food items, then surely our site Agrovatika should be the next stop for you. Else, you can also have a brief look upon our Facebook page as you can find exciting updates there also. 

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