Geranium, rose geranium, and pelargonium: Confused?

A short description about the geranium

Geranium is found in the Mediterranian regions and mostly in the temperate areas also. Eventually, it is used to extract the most widely used essential oil, which you must have heard of if you are a cosmetic freak. Moreover, you can find this flower in the color range of pink, blue, purple, white with five petals. We all know this flower is used to extract oil; hence, most of its use is based on oil like:

1) Geranium creates wonders for the skin

Geranium oil is known for treating the acne problems, skin tightening, and removing any such blemishes on the skin. Eventually, its recommended to use this oil by the ladies who have skin above the age of 24.

After this age, our skin starts proliferating at the same time we often travel through a massive amount of pollution. This ultimately affects our skin, and that’s why to offer superior nutrition to your skin, you should use geranium oil.

2) Controls Alzheimers

According to the studies, it has the power to stop the death of the cells in the brain. Thus helping in the growth of a healthy mind. Generally, this oil is recommended for the message purposes in old people.

This helps penetrate the smell through the body and the nose, which thus acts on our brain. Therefore keeping it healthy simultaneously protects the person from any kind of age disorder related to the neural problem.

3) Geranium helps in menopause

Its seen that when a female is going through her menopause, she can suffer from many health and neural issues. Therefore, if you want to combat them without putting in much effort, please keep your hands on geranium oil. Eventually, it will soothe your muscles at the same time will also control the regulated level of estrogen in your body.

What about the rose geranium?

This category is almost similar to the geranium, but the only fact which differentiates it from the regular geranium is its aroma. Eventually, they have a more powerful floral scent, thus making it more calming and soothing.

Additional tip: Those who have sensitive skin, please don’t apply extra fragrant oils or cosmetic products on your skin. Eventually, it would cause significant burns and can also cause other permanent damage to your skin.

How pelargoniums are different from geraniums?

Firstly let me clear this ou that many a time due to close resemblance and features pelargoniums are also used to extract the essential oil. This generally helps the producers to earn a considerable amount of profit. The fact which differentiates them from each other are:

  • The arrangement and shape of the petals

If you have noticed the geranium, then you can see that it has 5 petals in a line. Whereas pelargoniums have 3 petals below and 3 petals above. Also, the shape of the petals is somewhat different from the true geranium.
  • They don’t lie in the category of hardy geranium.

Hardy geraniums are those who are real flowers, and this term helps in differentiating them from the pelargoniums.

I think that these two points don’t make any sense with the differentiation of the flowers; however, they are different to some extent. So this may help you to distinguish between the geraniums and the pelargoniums.

Nutritional benefits:


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Anushka Singh: