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Galangal or ginger: What’s the difference?

What is Galangal? 

Galangal is a rhizome just like ginger in every aspect, but still, there are some points which differ them from each other. You will generally find this type of ginger in Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian cooking.

Either you can grate this fresh spice, or you can slice it and add it to your dish. But we recommend you to slice it and not grind it, why? You will know further. 

What is ginger? 

Ginger is also a rhizome similar to the Galangal; both are almost similar to each other. Moreover, you find two versions of this spice mainly dry ginger (sonth) and fresh one.

fresh ginger

Eventually, you must be pretty aware of how to use it if you are an Indian. Therefore, you can chop it, slice it, crush it, grate it and use it in for the culinary purposes. 

What is the difference between Galangal and ginger? 

There are some significant points which differentiate them from each other, and they are: 

1) The colour 

The colour of Galangal is pale yellow whereas ginger is available in a brownish-yellow shade. 

2) The taste 

The taste of Galangal is more robust as compared to the ginger, and thus it provides you with more sharpness, earthy flavours and pine-like flavour. Whereas you all must be aware of the taste of the ginger

fresh galangal

ultimately, it’s mildly pungent and sharp with a fresh aroma. That’s why we asked you to slice the Galangal instead of grating it. 

3) The texture 

The Galangal is more stiff and hard to cut, whereas ginger is soft and can be easily formulated according to the dish. 

Thus these 3 changes can create a blunder for your dish if they aren’t taken care and known properly!! 

What to do if galangal and ginger get interchanged? 

The foremost part is taste, and as you have known the flavour of Galangal then you must be aware of this fact that a small mistake could create blunder for you.

Galangal or ginger: What's the difference?

So if in future you bring Galangal instead of ginger then we advise you to add a small amount compared to the ginger. Else, you can also change the amount of that spice into half as it would also provide you with the same taste. 

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, this was all about a similar-looking new spice which is must to be known for avoiding the severe mistake. Now I am sure that if in future you get your hands on Galangal then you will analyze instantly that how you can manage the situation.

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